Amazon Pay launches Smart Stores in India, Empowering local merchants

Amazon Pay launches smart store features in India for the empowerment of local shopkeepers. In this way, they are creating a win-win situation for both parties.

To use this, you may scan the QR code located on the Amazon app. After that, you can explore all the products available in that shop.

Amazon pay launches Smart Stores in India

This feature will gave local merchants command to boost their sales and increase the chances of feedback. In addition, it will help in the improvement of overall customer satisfaction and building trust.

When we are discussing this idea, Amazon already registered over millions of local shops on their database. This will also lessens the chance of robbery and enhance safety overall.

Other benefits of using Amazon Pay is lots of payment options ranging from UPI, credit card, debit card or any mode of online payment. Also, merchants can offer special coupons to their returning customers to attract more peoples.

Some of the registered shops are Sri Balaji Kitchens in Vishakapatnam, USHA stores in Jabalpur, Big Bazaar etc.


In spite of universal enthusiasm for the physical retails showcase, one thing that that no organization is discussing yet is exactly how they plan to monetarily boost these shippers.

The innovation arrangements worked by these organizations is unarguably driving deals for them, yet a critical number of these private companies take money and under report their incomes to cover less expense. That motivating force is multifold of some other impetus for a considerable lot of them.

The organization said these “advanced customer facing facades” are a success win for the two shoppers and retailers. Purchasers don’t have to remain inside the store and stress over dealing with plastic cards or money — that is, to keep up social separation — and they will likewise get awards for utilizing Amazon Pay.

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