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This is Akshay Kaushik, Founder of techgadgetry.in . I started this blog along with my younger brother Lakshya. I created this website to provide general technical information in the easiest possible manner. On techgadgetry, we provide the articles in English and Hindi Language.

I started this blog because the information written on the rest of the website was difficult for me to understand. Here at Tech Gadgetry, I try to make things as easy as possible.

You can contact us via Contact us page or by sending direct mail on admin[at]techgadgetry.in

About Akshay Kaushik

Akshay is the founder of this website. Presently, He is pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science. He is a tech enthusiast and fitness geek. He wants to make his career in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Akshay is an introvert and believes that a person should be of words, there is no place of the lie in life.

According to him, the person should keep such actions and thoughts that the world should remember him even after he dies.

About Lakshya Kaushik

Lakshya is the co-founder of this website and the younger brother of Akshay. Currently, he is doing B.sc[H] from Delhi University. He loves blogging, gaming, and novels.

We are diamond esteemed and rare, not like a common stone that can be found anywhere.