God of War 5 release date announced on PS4 & Xbox, cast and Plot

God of war 5 is ready to launch on the PS4 and Xbox but the company is running from revealing the official release date and keeps on saying that it might come before 2022.

God of War 5 Storyline

If you are a fan then you might having no problem in understanding the game but if you are watching this legendary game for the first time then it is all about Kratos, a King and war between gods along with some drama.

We are expecting more of the Thor in the upcoming 5th edition since 2018, it has seen only once. Atreus and Kratos had returned home and fall asleep.

It will gave you goosebumps if you play anywhere like PS5, Xbox anywhere and you will get fully charged. Moreover, your perspective of watching things will also change.

When will be the release date for Game on PS4 and Xbox?

Till now, there is no confirmed idea about the actual release date of God of war 5 but the company is saying that it might come before 2022. It is still under development and might also available for the new PS5.

Probably, they are improving the graphics for the best user experience that will also compatible with advanced technology used in new Xbox and Playstations. For your surprise, the company will also release a windows version too.

Another reason could be lack of creative team members that can design characters and make the game visually appealing. Also, they are in the mood to launch it on PC as well, so windows developers are needed in the process as this version of God of war will be exceptional and uncomparable.

This gonna meet up your expectations and gave you a full fledged control on the main hero of the story.

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