Google Pay is rewarding Rs 2020! Here is How to Claim

Attention! Google Pay users, Google has introduced 2020 stamps for you by which you can earn up to ₹2020.

If you read carefully then you may earn complete ₹2020 very easily in a few simple steps otherwise the process will jump over your head.

Google pay 2020

The offer is of a limited time period and it will start from 23rd December 2019 and will continue up to December 31. So, each user has to collect all types of stamps before December 31, 2019.

So, without further ado, let’s jump into the earning process.

7 Ways to earn ₹2020 using Google Pay?

#1 Use G-Pay in Money Transfer

The first method is by using Google Pay in money transfer such as paying money to another user or pay while purchasing anything.

Note: Transaction should be more Rs 98 or more

#2 Inviting Friends to install Google Pay

This method will not only give you the stamp but also some money bonus when any of your friends join this application by entering your referral code.

You can collect one application per friend. You may refer max 5 friends daily.

#3 Paying Bills and Mobile Recharge

You can also earn by completing your necessary bills such as Electricity Bill, Water Bill etc using Google pay.

For Bill payments, the transaction should be equal to or above Rs 300 and for mobile recharge above Rs 98.

You can collect 5 Stamps max by using this method.

#4 Listening On-Air ads(Android only)

I can bet you haven’t imagined this before but that’s true. Although, it is available only for Android users.

Steps to Listen to On-Air ads to collect Stamps:

  • Whenever you find an ad on Google India YouTube about Google Pay, just open the G-Pay app.
  • Hit the on-air icon on the app.
  • Now play the ad on any other device.
  • Move your Android smartphone closer to that device to listen to the running ad.
  • Stay on the page for at least 20 seconds.
  • If you got everything right then you will get a stamp.(max 2 daily)

Try in a calm room if your device is unable to catch the voice.

#5 Gifting a Stamp

You can earn a stamp by gifting others. When you gift and your friend accepts it, then you will automatically get one stamp in your gift board.

You can collect only one stamp from one friend.

#6 Scanning the number (Android only)

By using the 2020 scanner, you need to scan the number 2020 near you to claim your reward. The feature is available for Android Devices.

You can earn max of two stamps daily by using this method.

#7 Consistency

The last way is actually summarizing all the other ways. You can earn for sure if you don’t miss this key ingredient of your success.

It’s very easy to start anything but consistency doing that’s hard.

What are the different types of stamps available on Google Pay?

The stamps available in this game are DJ, Disco, Sunglasses, Pizza, Toffee, Selfie and Balloon Stamps.

I am unable to see the 2020 App? What can I do now?

You need to update your Google Pay App because of that is visible only in the latest version of Google Pay.

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