Nitin Gadkari reveals, Tesla Motors coming to India in early 2021

UMRTH Nitin Gadkari confirmed the most-awaited news from Elon Musk’s Tesla that it will be happening in India or not in the coming year 2021. Indian Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways revealed that Tesla Motors will start selling cars in India in 2021.

We have also found a tweet from Elon Musk in which he saying indirectly that they will come to India in the coming year. The Twitter user was asking about the update on Tesla’s entry, to which Musk replied No, but definitely this year.

Tesla is ready to launch its cars in India (2021)

Our union minister counts on ample power sources that are strong enough to form power stations to charge your Tesla model1. We are focussing on sustainable development and using e-resources is one of the best practices.

We should commercialize electric vehicles in all the sectors including buses, three-wheelers, and cars by 2030. India is having 60,000 petrol pumps and aim is to provide at least one e-charging port at all of them. Also, this will also generate employment and boosts our economy as well.

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