PUBG Mobile give a Privacy Policy update for Indian users

In case you’re an enthusiast of PUBG Mobile, you’re presumably stressed that the Indian government may boycott the game actually soon and that’s why the organization has refreshed its privacy policy for India and has been appearing spring up warnings inside the game to advise clients about the change.

Indeed, since the time the administration prohibited 59 Chinese applications, it was practically realized that PUBG will before long be on the radar also; and now it is.

While so far there has been no choice on whether PUBG Mobile will be prohibited in the nation, it appears to be Tencent is in no mind-set to chance it.

PUBG Mobile Privacy Policy updated for Indian players

From what we can tell, the new PUBG mobile privacy policy basically attempts to adjust itself to the Indian government’s requests of outside applications. The arrangement expresses that while it stores some client information for an assortment of reasons, for Indian clients, those workers are in India itself.

PUBG mobile privacy policy update in india

The protection strategy additionally plots that the organization’s help groups, which likewise approach client information are additionally locally present in India itself for Indian clients.

Will PUBG ban in India?

We don’t have the foggiest idea whether these progressions can put PUBG Mobile out of the administration’s sights for the present. Be that as it may, India is thinking about another 200 applications and PUBG Mobile is among them.

We will possibly become more acquainted with increasingly about this when Tencent Games or the Indian government decided to say something regarding it. Starting at now, on the off chance that you love playing PUBG Mobile, simply trust in the best, and get in the same number of games as you can… in the event that something goes wrong.

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