Short Story on Today’s Society


A Short motivational story for Critical Thinking

A long time ago, there was a king whose people loved him very much. But as per saying, those who are not happy start burning with the happiness of others.

One day a witch came to that village and did some magic in the well that whoever drank its water became mad. One by one, the whole village went mad. People started saying bad things to the king. But The king was clever; he sent his servant to fetch one glass of water from the same well. People celebrated that evening and thanked God that the king became normal again. Actually, He didn’t become normal but gone mad among all his subjects.

YOU SEE IN LIFE, Do not believe the hearsay things. Even today, in our society, such a situation is created that riots happen due to a fake photo or video going viral on social media. 

Why these situations occur? Because we do not use an essential thing given by God.

Our minds.

You know, After the end of the Nazis, the ordinary citizens of Germany were asked that when you all knew what was happening to the Jews, why did you not protest? They replied, I wanted to speak, but I did not say anything because The man in front of me didn’t say anything.

Friends, repeating a wrong thing 100 times does not make it right, the person who speaks the truth, even if he is alone, the truth always remains true.

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