When Will Psychonauts 2 release for PS4, Xbox and Windows

When will Psychonauts 2 release? The fans are asking since the announcement of bringing season 2.

If you are a fan, the you already know that the first time this game was released in the year 2006. And the last year that is 2019, company decided to launch another part.

But that is delayed and nobody is talking about Psychonauts 2 release date on PS4, Xbox, Mac, Windows, etc.

What will Psychonauts 2 release?

Psychonauts 2 was at first due out in 2019, however designer Double Fine reported they were postponing the discharge to 2020 to make the game tantamount to conceivable. The platformer is as yet expected to discharge not long from now, five years after it was first declared at the 2015 Game Awards.

Regardless of Microsoft Purchase, the game is Still Coming to the PlayStation 5. Microsoft declared its most recent buy at E3 2019: Double Fine Productions, engineer of games like Broken Age, Brutal Legend.

By June 2019 Double Fine had been obtained by Microsoft as a feature of Xbox Game Studios. … Notwithstanding the deal, Double Fine expressed that Psychonauts 2 would in any case be discharged on all recently reported stages (not being selective to Microsoft stages).


The plot follows the curiously named Razputin (Raz) Aquato, who has accomplished his fantasy about joining the global clairvoyant secret activities association with the Psychonauts 2 release.

Notwithstanding, Raz before long finds that the association isn’t all it appears, and that exploration has been occupied away from harmony keeping and rather towards practices, for example, sorcery…

As an outsider looking in platformer, the player assumes responsibility for Raz, who utilizes his clairvoyant capacities to dig into others’others’ brains.

Once inside, interactivity comprises of utilizing “psi-powers, for example, supernatural power, pyrokinesis, and levitation, just as customary platforming components, for example, bouncing.

Fans can expect the invasion of different new characters and wonderful places in the coming version.

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