Which Country has allowed to include video games in school curriculum?

It looks really amazing and weird as well that authorities are allowing video games in the school but that’s a very good step towards a child development. We all know that games are really important for us as they can help in controlling stress and anxiety if play for limited times but causes harm if overplayed.

This step is taken after a survey, that has proved, video games creates distraction but also helps some to achieve a lazer sharp focus.

In which country video games has included in school?

In Poland, “This War of Mine” game has been allowed to include in the school curriculum, after Prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki agreed written on a report by Gameindustry.biz.

Actually, the game is not added as in the school reading list but could be the first one to got a recognization at a national level.

Why This war of wine only?

This game is special as it is self made by the country 11-bit studios that is Polish video game company. The story is about the plight of the Bosnian people during the Siege of Sarajevo in the 1990s. Also, it has won many awards.

Another thing is that, it is different from other war games like Call of Duty, Modern Combat, Battlefield Bad Company, Just Cause 3, Medal of Honour etc or Company of Heroes, Total War Rome II etc in which a person leads the whole army. On the other hand this war of mine puts the limelight on the life of civilians, and show how they get impacted most from wars.

That’s why the gameplay becomes a little bit difficult and challenging because you can’t do fighting but hide, run or loot supplies without coming into the eyes of soldiers.

However, if you pick up a weapon then this will gave you the feel of fighting from the side of your country and also the fear of saving your life. This will really enhance the lives of young men and women of the country.

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