World’s First UV-C “Smart” Mask Ready with sterlizing properties

The pandemic has been rising at a 10x rate all around the world but a good news comes from the side of technology, that is variety of face masks become available for everybody and in the middle of that a company has successfully developed the world’s first UV powered “smart” mask with self sterlizing properties via UV-C.

The name of mask is Leaf, that is developed by Detroit based Redcliffe Healthcare. It is a unique resusable face mask that provides active ventilation and N99+ HEPA standard filtration system. Moreover, it is transparent like Huami’s Project Aeri.

World's first self sterlizing Leaf Mask ready

Leaf has numerous advantageous highlights and is being named as “the cover of 2020”, as indicated by the makers. Adam Lightman, one of the fellow benefactors of the organization says that as utilization of veils is expanding step by step, utilizing one-time-use covers can prompt a terrible effect on the earth. In this way, they made Leaf, which is a solid, versatile, and reusable face cover made with recyclable materials.

On the assurance front, Leaf stands apart accompanying the most progressive filtration framework in the market that squares 99.9997% toxins noticeable all around, including particles as little as 0.3 microns.

Another novel element of the veil is that it can clean itself with UV-C beams with a dash of a catch. This self-cleaning highlight makes Leaf an a lot more secure veil, yet it likewise guarantees that the cover’s channels last as long as one month, not at all like in conventional covers. Likewise, as the veil is straightforward, clients can without much of a stretch open their cell phones utilizing face open.

You can likewise redo your cover by including your favored translucent shades or include a shade of your decision to the lip area.

Leaf comes in four sizes — 55mm for children of 3-8 years, 65mm for children of 7-12 years, 85mm for grown-ups or adolescents, and a colossal 115mm one, for grown-ups with a moderately bigger face. Each Leaf veil accompanies a HEPA channel and a conveying case, costing $49 (~Rs 3700). Another variant accompanies a HEPA-Carbon channel and, thus, has a more significant expense tag of $89 (~Rs 6725).

The organization is at present running a battle on Indiegogo through which it has just raised $108,000 (~Rs 8,179,600) from 534 patrons. You can look at the cover on its official site.

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