Air Pressure Regulator Problems – Identification and Solution

Today, a number of pneumatic devices are available for commercial and industrial use. The working of these devices depends upon the air pressure. Many key factors and components, including the electronic air pressure regulator, are essential in maintaining the required pressure and keeping the various process variables under control like temperature etc.

Pressure regulators are created to control the pressure by performing the necessary changes in the passage of the air. They maintain constant pressure according to the need of a specific device or process. You may see a pressure increase or pressure drop even after having a pressure regulator installed with your air compressor. An electro pneumatic regulator is an electronic device which can malfunction and can also break down. In this case, your ability to find out the issue can be very helpful in identifying and solving the problem.

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There are many factors that contribute to the malfunctioning of the electric pressure regulator and here we have listed a few of them:


Whenever you experience the over-cycling of the air compressor, then it means that the electronic air pressure regulator is leaking. This leakage affects the working of the compressor. That is why it’s crucial to get this leakage fixed as soon as possible. Most of the time this kind of leakage happens from the weep hole of the regulator. It happens because of the cracked diaphragm. 

Diaphram is responsible for controlling the downstream air flow. When the improper lubrication of the oil is done and too many pressure changings happen then it breaks the diaphragm. And the air starts leaking from the diaphragm of the digital air regulator. In this case, get the assistance professional to get the device repaired but if he recommends replacing the device, then you should replace it. 

Pressure fluctuations:

Whenever you see the fluctuation in the pressure of air then it means that the pressure regulator is not working properly. Check whether the right regulator is installed in the system or not. If it’s the case then replace the electronic air pressure regulator with the correct regulator to solve this problem. 


If you are frequently experiencing a pressure increase, even after having the correct type of pressure regulator installed in the system then it’s happening because of the creep. It occurs when the pressure regulator does not close completely and air keeps leaking from the regulator. 

To prevent creep, install the regulator accurately and do not let the installation material or debris flow through the proportional air valve. The use of an upstream filter can also reduce the chances of creep. 


If you have installed a small size pressure regulator then it will cause droop. This is basically an increase in the flow rate of the air that reduces the outlet pressure of the electronic air regulator. Use a proper size regulator to prevent droop. Today most manufacturers provide the characteristic curves that help to determine the flow property of the pressure regulator while choosing one for a specific system. 

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Final Words:

Do you want to get the maximum efficiency from your compressor and pneumatic devices then keep an eye on the electronic air pressure regulator. When you find any issues or problems that we have discussed above, then do the necessary repairs and if it does not work in your case, then get the assistance of a professional to get rid of the problem. 

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