Has Bingo Changed Much to Become an Online Game?

When we think of casinos, the first games that usually come to mind are blackjack and roulette, or maybe poker and baccarat. While these are certainly among the most well-known casino titles, bingo is an increasingly popular option among players.

The gambling industry is increasingly shifting into the online space, and bingo is no exception. Once reserved for dedicated bingo halls, the game is now enjoying incredible success in the online world. Has bingo changed much in its transition to an online game? Let’s find out.

The Rules of Bingo

Before we get into how online versions of bingo differ from the original, let’s quickly go over the rules of the game to give this article some context.

Bingo as an online game

Bingo is an old game that has its roots in an old Italian game from the 1500s. It’s incredibly popular today and is played by millions of people across the world, both in physical bingo halls and on online casino platforms.

In a game of bingo, players are issued with one or more scorecards. Each scorecard has a grid of numbers, randomly selected from between the numbers 1 to 75. In the UK version of the game, the scorecard has a grid of 27 squares, with five numbers arranged randomly across each row.

In the traditional game of bingo, a caller uses a machine that generates random numbers, often through the use of small, numbered balls. As the machine generates each number, the caller reads it out and the players check their scorecards, marking off that number if it appears on the grid.

The aim of the game is to first check off a full horizontal line of numbers. If a player manages this, they shout ‘BINGO’ and will be awarded a prize. The ultimate aim of the game is to check off all of the numbers on a scorecard. This is a full house, and players who achieve this will win a jackpot prize.

These are the basic rules of bingo, and they apply in both physical and digital versions of the game. However, has the game changed in other ways when emulated online? Read on to find out.

Random Number Generators In Online Casinos

If you’re looking to play online bingo casinos, it’s not necessary that you learn what random number generators (RNGs) are and how they work, but a little light research won’t go amiss.

Whether it’s bingo, blackjack, or roulette, randomness is an integral part of gambling. Randomness ensures a level playing field and that results are not influenced by individuals. In traditional casino games, randomness is introduced through the gaming equipment itself, such as cards, dice, or a roulette wheel. However, for online games, casinos have had to devise a new system to ensure results are random.

RNGs are designed to do exactly that. These are algorithm-powered systems that can be used to generate random sequences of numbers. They serve as a replacement for casino equipment like cards or dice and guarantee that results are random despite the fact everything is generated digitally.

There are two main types of RNG, true RNGs and pseudo-RNGs. True RNGs use an input like white noise to generate numbers, while pseudo-RNGs use a seed number upon which the random sequence is based.

In online bingo games, an RNG will be used in place of a bingo caller. It will determine what numbers are called out and which numbers players should mark off their scorecards. What this does is ensure that online bingo games are just as fair as their physical counterparts and that online players are given just as much chance of winning as players in bingo halls.

Different Versions of Bingo

Humans love variety. When it comes to playing games like bingo, following the same rules and patterns of play over and over again can leave some people feeling bored, and they could well step away from the game or try out something else.

There are lots of different versions of bingo out there, but in the past people would have had to find specific bingo halls that played the versions they liked. With online bingo games, players have the option of choosing between a huge range of different bingo versions, each accessible with just the click of a button.

This is key to keeping players engaged, and we’re seeing more and more bingo versions created all the time, which keeps the game fresh and modern and ensures it can compete with new, emerging gambling games.


The biggest change we’ve seen as bingo has moved online is the use of RNGs. However, we’re also seeing new bingo versions appear, and we can certainly expect to see more as the online gambling industry continues to grow. 

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