Apple Safari Browser will support Face ID, Touch ID in the coming time

Apple company is saying that their Safari browser soon starts supporting Face ID as well as touch ID. The step has taken to increase security and authenticity.

Now Safari 14 will come up with this new feature and you can also access it after releasing the new software update by the company.

Apple Safari support FACE ID and TOUCH ID

This new update will allow users to access various websites with your Face and touch id. More importantly, the Cupertino’s company browser will be based on WebAuthn component of the FIDO2 standard.

According to company, the update will take effects up to the next year that is 2021. For your information, Apple has recently become a part of Fast identity online alliance(FIDO) for no password authentication.

What is WebAuthn?

It is an API that allows safe and easy access to websites without any suspicious activity. This makes a public key cryptography and also uses biometrics or touch ID to identify the owner.

This can also lower the risk of online spams, phishing, and other malware entry that can happen if we use passwords.

That’s why the company decided to test USB-based physical security keys in new version and decides that apple Safari 14 browser support Face ID and Touch ID.

Other Companies using Touch ID

Apple is not only one who is coming up with this secure idea. Many companies are giving the same actually.

One of them is Google, who is giving the Biometric security to Android users on Chrome browser under the FIDO alliance. Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft edge and, Windows Hello also giving Touch ID encryption.

If we talk about its arrival in the iPhone, the expected date is the next year that is 2020. So get ready.

What do you think about this step of Apple? Just leave a comment below with your feeling.

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