iPhone users facing green tint issues

iPhone 11 Users facing Green Tint Issues on their display, No Solution

As per reports shared on Reddit, some iPhone 11 units are building up a bizarre green color on the presentation. Obviously, the issue happens haphazardly and who knows when it may...
Whatscan for whatsapp hide your profile

Whatsnot App for Whatsapp: Hide your DP/Last Seen/Status

Whatsnot App is a fantastic application for those Whatsapp users those who want to hide their last seen, DP and status from stalkers. This app is also useful for maintaining your privacy...
iOS 13 Siri not working problem solution

How to solve ios 13 Siri not working problem on iPhone 6/7/8/X/XS

Is Siri not working anymore after the new iOS 13 update? The update is full of bugs, and the Siri problem is one finger of the same hand. So what should you...
Mass unfollow on instagram in bulk

Mass Unfollow on Instagram in Bulk Android/iOS: Try these Apps

Mass Unfollow On Instagram is quite more comfortable than ever before. These 9 Apps may help you to unfollow your unwanted following on Instagram in bulk. Now you no need to watch...
Apple iTumes to set custom ringtohe

How to set a song as a Ringtone on iPhone (Step-By-Step Guide)

Want to set your favourite song as custom ringtone on iPhone? Here is how to do it. Several apps provide the service, but most of them are paid, and also they won't...
see gmail password while logged in

See Gmail Password 🔒 while logged in | 👸Unmasking the beauty👸

Iam sure you will agree when I say that remembering all the passwords at one time is not an easy task. Also, we can not see the hidden Gmail password, usually. So...



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