How to solve ios 13 Siri not working problem on iPhone 6/7/8/X/XS

Is Siri not working anymore after the new iOS 13 update? The update is full of bugs, and the Siri problem is one finger of the same hand.

So what should you do to come out of the problem? Let’s find out.

When it comes to iOS features, Siri always is in the 1st place.

As itself, it is the helping hand for the user to control every other task from sending texts to opening emails.

It is one of the best features available for iPhone, iPad users. They need to call “Hey Siri” once, and she will get your job done.

But that was not about praising Apple’s assistant. Instead, we are here to eradicate the iOS 13 Siri not working problem.

Ready, let’s jump right into there.

How to solve iOS 13 Siri Not Working Problem:

Get ready to fix all the errors related to Siri, your assistant. The best part is, all the methods work on every iPhone.

So, it doesn’t matter if you are having iPhone 6, 7, 8, 9, X, etc. The method applies to everyone. And here, we are discussing all the possible ways to overcome the situation.

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Method #1: Manage Siri Settings

Generally, some iOS updates interfere with the System Settings. That leads to several errors and interruptions, and iOS 13 Siri not working is one of them.

So here is how to resolve it:

  • First of all, click on Settings
  • Then, select Siri and Search
  • Now, turn off the “Hey Siri” and then turn it on again

Restart the phone and refresh the memory. Check out Siri is working or not.

Method #2: Check for stable Internet Connection

Sometimes, the issue is not so big, and a little change comes out to be a perfect remedy. Siri can perform online as well as offline functions, but to do so, you need a stable internet connection.

But what to do if the connection is unstable? Well. You can refresh your internet connection by turn off the cellular data, turning Off the WiFi or modem, and turn on after some time(15-30 Seconds).

    • To refresh your connection over cellular data,  turn Off the Data for 15 seconds. Then turn on the Connection again.
  • You may also refresh by turning on Airplane mode for 20 seconds. And turn it off after the given time and try reconnecting the internet whether you are using WiFi or Cellular data.

I hope that you can re-establish the internet connection again. If Siri still not working on iOS 13 after performing the settings. Try another way.

Try setting Custom Ringtone instead. Haha! Just Kidding. Its time to move ahead with the next method.

Method #3: Fix iOS 13 Siri not working problem by Reboot

Another best way to solve Siri not working issue is by performing a soft reset or hard reboot. You can do a soft reset by deleting all the unnecessary cache files and whole refreshing apps on your iOS device.

On the other hand, a hard reboot is a simple restart which clears the post-update bugs. If you want to soft reset, follow these steps:

  • Press and hold the Power button for few seconds until Slide to Power Off slider appears.
  • Now, slide the arrow towards the right to power Off.
  • Then, wait for 30 seconds.
  • Lastly, touch the Power button to start the phone again.

If the process does not appear so easy for you and the problem persists. Then you need to try a hard reboot. Here is how to do it.

  • Hold the power & Volume button simultaneously until your device reboots.

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Method #4 Resetting All Settings on your Apple device

This could probably gonna hard for you. But just drink the bitter potion as it proves to be the best decision you could ever make.

Anyways we need to go towards Reset all settings option to accomplish the task. Before that, make sure to save all the important settings and Apps that you installed from the Appstore.

However, resetting iOS 13 does not leads to data deletion so don’t worry if you are unable to back up the data. Here we go:

  • Firstly, Head towards Settings.
  • Then, General.
  • Now, go to Reset.
  • Select Reset All Settings in the given set of options.
  • Then, enter your PASS
  • Click on confirm.
  • Done!

Automatically your iPhone will reboot and you will find a completely new iPhone in your hands. Now you can reactivate Siri, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other features on your Smartphone.

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Method #5 Check Out Voice Feedback: Enabled or Not

Maybe you forget to put your iPhone on mute mode. So next time while you are trying to open HEY SIRI! you should check out this first.

  • Tap on Settings from the Homescreen.
  • Select Siri & Search.
  • Click on Voice Feedback.

Is your Siri problem solved now?

I am sure that the guide proves to be helpful for you. And you can use your assistant in a far efficient and easy way.

But if the problem has not solved yet, then don’t worry; just leave a comment below. We will reply ASAP!

You can also read more about Siri on the official website of Apple.

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