How to increase Jio speed instantly (100% working methods)

Can we increase Jio speed? If yes, then how can I boost up my internet speed?

These are some of the most common questions that come into the mind of every Jio user. As we talk about the initial days of Jio launch, speed was quite fast and convenient.

But nowadays nothing remains the same, speed is dropping, and the internet is not working correctly due to heavy load on the server. Due to which the rate falls from 2 Mbps to 400 kbps. Not at all, some users are getting such a lower speed of 25 kbps.

To solve that problem we had found some reliable methods which are very easy to understand and apply. Moreover, they are recommended by some tremendous technical websites.

What is a 4G band?

It is a network frequency on which a service provider allows connection to access the internet. For example, Reliance Jio offers 4G on Band 3, Band 5(850 MHz) and Band 40(2300 MHz).

  • Best Speed: Band 40 is having the highest speed on Jio network followed by Band 3, and then Band 5 is best but comparatively lowest among those three bands.
  • Best Coverage: Band 5 is an excellent choice if you are looking forward to getting good coverage of networks in your place and similarly, speed gets reduced. It is followed by Band 3 and Band 40.

By the way, it all depends on you that what type of convenience you want. If you’re going to look for signal strength, we strongly recommend you to use Band 3, but here we are all about talking about increasing Jio Speed so kindly set on 40 Band.

So, you can enjoy lightning-fast internet without any slowdown. Let’s jump right into it.

How to increase Jio Speed now

We are giving you some working methods that provide a boost to your Jio speed, and after that, you no need to watch any other video about how to increase Jio speed.

Here are 2 Best ones which will give an instant rise to your present internet and you will notice a grand change in your upcoming speeds.

If you have no clue what to do, then don’t worry, here we made the process quite more straightforward for you so that you can go through settings and do some changes to enhance your data transfer rates.

Method #1: Modify APN(Access Point Name) settings

That is the easiest way, how to increase Jio speed fast as you have to change the whole preset APN settings.

To go through Access Point Names, you need to follow this simple pathway. Open Settings-> Sim Card & Cellular-> Select Jio Sim-> Access Point Names(APN). You may also watch the following to have a better understanding.

You have to copy these settings as it is as mentioned. But before making any changes, make sure you had taken a snap of your present APN settings.

Changes to be made:

-> Name – Techgadgetry

-> APN – Jionet

-> Proxy – Not set

-> Port – No change

-> Username – No changes

-> Password – Not set

-> Server –

-> MMSC – No changes

-> MMS proxy – Not set

-> MMS port – No changes

-> MCC – 405

-> MNC – 857, 863 or 874

-> Authentication type – No change

-> APN Type – Default

-> Access Point Name protocol – Ipv4/Ipv6

-> APN Roaming Protocol – IPv4/IPv6

-> Bearer – Unspecified

-> MVNO Type – None

Method #2 How to increase downloading speed on Jio?

You can also use the Snap VPN app to boost your downloading speed on Jio, but this will not make any changes in the browsing speed. The app is available on Playstore, and it does not require rooting.

  • After installing the App, you will find a list of countries with their signal strength.
  • Choose any of them which is showing strong signals 📶 except India and wait till the connection establishment.
  • After connecting with the network, go and try downloading anything. You will notice that the downloading speed on your Jio 4g has increased four times now.

However, browsing speed may disappoint you. To increase browsing data transfer speed, you may try Method 1 or 3.

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Method #3 Lock the High-speed Band

To choose a random band on your Jio SIM, you can turn on the Airplane mode of your phone. After some time, turn off the Flight Mode, and you will find your band frequency had changed.

Thus, this is also an alternative method to increase Jio speed, which anybody can do easily. Now come to the main point that works.

How to increase Jio speed using Code?

  1. Dial *#*#4636#*#* on your dialer.
  2. Now, select Phone Information. Then the window will look like this.
  3. Select “Set preferred network type.”How to increase Jio Speed
  4. Choose “LTE only.”how to increase Jio speed after 1 GB

If you are Having Qualcomm Processor

-> For that you need to install the “Shortcut Master(lite)” app.

-> Then Go to Menu->>Search

-> Next, type “Service Menu” or ” Engineering Mode” and search

-> Give access to LTE bands

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Having MediaTek Processor :

-> First of all, Install MTK engineering mode.

-> Run the app.

-> Select MTK Settings

-> Go to “Band mode.”

-> Select the slot for your Jio SIM

-> Now select “LTE mode” only

-> Select band 40 to get high speed

-> At last, save the settings and reboot your device.

Which band is Best for increasing Jio speed? 

If you apply all these tactics and lock the Band 40, you will get a high speed, but the reality is that you will not allow switching between bands with better network coverage.

Probably, 40 Band will provide you with high speeds, but it leads to more network drop and less network coverage. Likewise, 40 Band, Band 3, or 5 shall boost your network coverage but lowers the speed.

Also, your device is capable of changing the bands according to SIM convenience to get out the best performance. So, why are you putting so much into it?

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The Last Lines:

To conclude, we want to advise you that use these methods according to your convenience and at your fate.

Although, you can change these settings whenever you want as you had already saved your previous settings before knowing How to increase Jio speed.

If you had forgotten the old settings, get ready to perform a factory reset of your device that will restore all the changes.

If your 4G connection speed had increased now then share this article with your friends. Comment below your rates before and after applying the settings.

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