20 Greatest App Lock Alternatives for locking Apps on your smartphone

App Lock is no doubt one famous security application but the market is also flooded with the better alternatives.

Notwithstanding, throughout the years, the application has gotten moderate and carriage. At that point there are the protection suggestions.

AppLock Alternatives for Android smartphones

Presently, by all accounts, this security approach doesn’t appear to be destructive. Be that as it may, in the wake of steady updates on Chinese applications following client information, I can’t accuse anybody on the off chance that they are searching for its other option.

All things considered, on the off chance that you wind up similarly situated, here are the best App Lock choices that you can use in 2020.

20 Best App lock alternatives to save your smartphone in 2020

A cell phone is an extremely close to home contraption. We have individual messages and data in the online networking applications. At that point there are banking applications, where a great deal of our touchy information is put away. Additionally, we click a huge amount of individual photographs and recordings, which are spared in the display application of our cell phone.

In contrast to iOS, where you should be jailbroken to bolt applications with Touch ID, Android includes various cool applications that let you lock applications through a secret phrase, PIN, unique mark scanner or some extremely one of a kind ways.

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While custom ROMs like CyanogenMod (read: Lineage OS) and Android works from different makers accompany the application securing highlight constructed, most Android clients search for application storage spaces on the Google Play Store.

Thus, in the event that you are searching for application storage spaces on Android to bolt applications with your gadget’s unique mark sensor, we have you secured. Here is the list of top 10 best app lock for android that you can download on your smartphone.

Norton App Lock

Norton applock is a big name with regards to antivirus applications. It utilizes a four digit PIN, secret phrase, or example as its lock framework. It likewise underpins photographs close by applications. The application likewise accompanies a proposals list that tells you which applications ought to be bolted.

Norton App Lock

That is an extraordinary apparatus for the individuals who need an additional hands-off methodology. Like most, it additionally snaps a picture of anybody attempting to get into your telephone. It very well may be avoided if the peeker is sharp, yet it’s as yet one of the more strong applocks.

Norton App Lock Apk

Smart Applock

Savvy AppLock is another conventional free applock choice. It’ll bolt up your applications and photographs, including your settings, switches, and telephone application (for telephone logs) to keep those safe. It camouflages itself as a lock screen. That way individuals believe they’re back there once more.

Smart App lock alternative

Alongside that, it gives auto-start upon reboot, break-in alarms, deferred application locking, and it has unique mark scanner abilities for Samsung gadgets. It’s a free alternative that is bolstered by promoting. The main drawback is that it’s quite simple to uninstall once somebody makes sense of that it’s there.

Smart Applock Free Download

AppLock by IvyMobile

AppLock is another of the better applocks on Android. Like you’ll see, it can bolt essentially any application on your telephone. It likewise flaunts the capacity to bolt photographs and recordings. The application includes an undetectable example lock just as an arbitrary console just on the off chance that somebody is attempting to peep behind you.

Applock by Ivymobile

You’ll likewise get theming, the capacity to supplant the symbol so you can cover up the application, lock recurrence, and the sky is the limit from there. It’ll even snap a photo of individuals who don’t place the secret word in right. It’s totally allowed to download and utilize. That is another acceptable advantage for this one.

Download From Playstore

Perfect Applock

Impeccable AppLock is another of the better applocks out there. It includes the fundamentals, including support for locking up WiFi, Bluetooth, and different switches. It’s likewise somewhat baffling to get passed. It tosses counterfeit mistakes and a wide range of different messages out there. That makes individuals believe there’s an alternate issue other than an applock.

Perfect Applock

The free and paid renditions give precisely the same highlights. The main contrast is that the paid variant doesn’t have publicizing. It’s a strong all around choice, regardless of whether it’s name sort of oversells its abilities a tad.

Download From Playstore

AppLocker by BGNmobi

AppLocker is another acceptable application that you can use to secret phrase ensure your applications. Like different applications on this rundown, it permits you to utilize a secret phrase, PIN, or unique mark to bolt applications. It likewise has a topic motor that lets you tweak the open sprinkle screen. You can likewise utilize this application to bolt framework settings so nobody can incapacitate it.

Applocker by BGNmobi

There are likewise the various highlights like interloper selfie, the capacity to shroud design trails, and the sky is the limit from there. There are advertisements, however you can evacuate them utilizing the in-application buys in the event that you need. There’s nothing unique here, it’s equivalent to the next applications that we have referenced.

Download From Playstore

Apex Launcher

Zenith Launcher is a phenomenal launcher and for reasons unknown to have an applock work. The launcher highlights are really acceptable and incorporate different customizations, symbol pack support, different impacts, and you can shroud components like the status bar or the dock on the off chance that you need them imperceptible.

Apex Launcher

There are some application security includes too, including the capacity to conceal applications from the application cabinet and an applock work with a secret word ensure layer for additional security. It’s consistently somewhat better if it’s prepare into the launcher than from a committed application, so if its all the same to you re-doing your home screens, this one and Smart Launcher 5 (recorded underneath) are acceptable options in contrast to devoted applock applications.

Download From Playstore

Applock by Domobile Lab

Applock by DoMobile Lab is certainly extraordinary compared to other applocks out there. The application can do the nuts and bolts like bolting up explicit applications. It can likewise bolt up explicit pictures and recordings.

Applock by DoMobile Lab

It additionally incorporates uninstall insurance, unique finger impression backing, and you can even bolt stuff like approaching calls, uninstalling applications, and your different framework capacities like Bluetooth. The application is allowed to download and utilize. You can open the top notch includes either by empowering promotions or paying for the superior form by means of a gift. It’s a solid application and one of our top choices.

Download From Playstore

App Locker: Fingerprint & Pin

App Locker is one of the beautiful alternatives and also best fingerprint app lock for locking numerous application storage spaces for Android with the “application storage” moniker. The application isn’t exceptionally well known and it’s not hard to get why. It has a truly obsolete UI yet on the off chance that you look past that, it has some extremely one of a kind highlights. Aside from the standard application locking highlights, App Locker lets you set custom lock settings on a for every application premise.

Applock by KewlApps also an alternative

Thus, you can set the essential lock technique for an application to unique mark, while design as the essential strategy for another application. Other than that, the application lets you pick an accident spread, set application re-lock postponement and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. It incorporates advertisements yet you can expel the promotions by buying the full form of the application.

Download From Playstore


The Keepsafe App Lock application is the least complex application storage in this rundown. The application includes a flawless Material Design UI and packs in help for PIN, example and fingerprints. There are alternatives to set deferral on when the applications are re-bolted, forestall uninstall and shroud PIN contacts. In the event that you’d prefer to handicap the application incidentally, the application lets you impair it for a couple of hours.

Keepsafe Photo Vault also an app lock alternative

The application is accessible in a free form yet it highlights advertisements, be that as it may, you can make an in-application buy to expel promotions in the application. That basically summarizes the application, I have utilized the application for a long time and it’s as straightforward as it gets and functions admirably.

Download From Playstore


FingerSecurity is a standout amongst other app lock – fingerprint alternatives for storage spaces for Android, because of its sheer number of highlights. The component rich application lets you lock applications by means of unique finger impression and you can empower the improved insurance highlights to ensure that pieces of the application and the application’s information isn’t noticeable in the recents screen. There’s additionally the propelled security choice to forestall uninstalls. The application likewise lets you set a break, which is the postponement in re-locking applications, alongside choices to topic the unique finger impression marker, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.


This app lock is one of the biggest alternatives and accessible in a free form yet it’s genuinely constrained. Generally speaking, the application certainly packs in a huge amount of highlights yet in my use. I faced a couple of hiccups in execution, with the goal that’s something you should remember.

Download From Playstore

Smart Launcher 5

For the keep going application on this rundown, I needed to incorporate something other than what’s expected. There is an ocean of application locking application and we have just referenced the best of them in the rundown above. Brilliant Launcher 5 proving itself as one of the nice alternatives to app lock, distinctive in light of the fact that it is anything but an application locking application. It’s a superb Android launcher application that has a worked in application locking highlight.

Smart launcher 5 app lock alternatives

Savvy Launcher 5 is one of my preferred launchers on Android to lock apps while studying and I needed to prescribe it to you similarly as an additional alternative. On the off chance that you don’t care for the local launcher on your cell phone and need something fun and brilliant, you ought to introduce Smart Launcher 5. As an additional advantage, you will likewise have the option to bolt your applications. You can empower the lock include by opening the launcher settings and going to security and protection.

Download From Playstore


MaxLock is a marvelous application storage for established Android gadgets as it were. That is tragic yet in the event that you have an established Android gadget, you get some incredible highlights with MaxLock. The application depends on Xposed Framework, so you clearly need to have Xposed introduced on your gadget.

Maxlock Xposed Applocker

MaxLock is a thoroughly free and promotion free application that not at all like numerous application storage spaces out there, gives execution and battery the need. The locking strategies incorporate unique finger impression, PIN, example and thump code. The open-source application incorporates ton of customization alternatives, counterfeit accident highlight, a MasterSwitch to handicap it effectively, capacity to expel thumbnail of applications in the recents window, and the sky is the limit from there.

Download From Playstore

Privacy Knight- Vault, Hide Apps

It is without advertisement and doesn’t contain any in-application buys. The application gives you various strategies to bolt your applications.

Privacy Knight App Vault

You can use a PIN, finger scanner, face following, or a Disguise spread, for example, to blow or shake. You can shroud private photographs and recordings, forestall uninstallation of the applications and conceal warning sneak peaks from applications.

Download From Playstore

Applock by Lucky Mobile Apps

Works incredible. At that point relock when the clock lapses. Flawlessness after that. Simple to utilize and not all confounded. It has no clock and need to update and it need to include highlight like undetectable example othwise its an ideal lock appfor android pie 9.0

App Lock Lucky Mobile Apps

It can likewise catch an image of any individual who types an inappropriate secret phrase. Despite the fact that not as famous as other application locks for Android, it has practically all the basic highlights.

Download From Playstore

LOCKit- App Lock, Photo Vault, Fingerprint Lock Alternatives

LOCKit is another great applications storage for Android, which can likewise watch your private documents. You can utilize the application to bolt your telephone screen too. It has a worked in document scanner, telephone supporter, and warning more clean.

LOCKit App Lock alternative

You can utilize a PIN or an example to make your lord secret key. You can even shroud the example draw way and make it imperceptible or show a rearranged console while composing.

Additionally, this Android application storage permits you to conceal your private photographs and recordings from your display. There is a force sparing mode, gatecrasher selfie, and you can likewise empower it to forestall uninstallation of bolted applications. It is free with no in-application buys and contains advertisements.

Download From Playstore

Is there any alternatives to App Lock by Do Mobile?

So, these were the best app lock alternatives that you can use to save your smartphone. Now, can you tell me which one was the best? Just leave a comment below with the name of application.

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