PUBG Mobile Update: Added Bloodhawk Warrior and Dawn Hunter Set

PUBG mobile update is all about releasing new sets Bloodhawk warrior and Dawn Hunter in the Sanhok map. However, these can be accessible only to the beta users.

Company explains about the designs, that they inspired from the traditional hunters and tribal communities. They had added lots of new scenes and premium crates for you that are absolutely free.

So, you are having a chance to find some premium crates around this map. Let’s know about the names of these sets.

PUBG Mobile Update: Bloodhawk Warrior and Dawn Hunter

PUBG mobile has launched two new sets namely, Bloodhawk warrior and dawn hunter. You can play those ones in the Sanhok map when available but this time it is open only for beta users.

They also reveal about adding puppet master andy skin set that will gave your character a premium look. You can also view this set in the cosmetics section of the inventory or probably in the shop section.

Some other modes added

Other than the Puppet Master skin there’s another Pinocchio Set accessible too. This has been included as a major aspect of another carton in the game called EMP.

Opening this once costs 60UC and 540 UC for multiple times.  Like most different boxes this will have less possibilities for rarer things to drop.

PUBG Mobile likewise presented the Mother Clucker set as of late. This new set is accessible as a component of an occasion which likewise includes different sets.

This incorporates another headgear and ensemble that makes the player resemble a chicken. Players can get to this in the occasions segment and this resembles a fortunate draw with the rarer things being increasingly hard to get. The expense to play this once is 60UC.

PUBG Mobile New Event 2020

They had recently launched an event called 1-UC bounty raid. By participating in this event, you can won many attractive skins and cosmetics for your character.

And there is no limitations of spending UC, more UC means more exposure to price winning and more skins.

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