Fortnite Patch Update out now, Check what’s new inside

Epic Games propelled Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 a week ago, bringing a huge amount of new substance and changes and now they are giving patch update. The update adjusted the guide, offering approach to new overwhelmed areas and PvE adversaries like plunder sharks and raiders.

Aside from that, a spic and span fight pass brought new restorative things, and the Punch Cards are an imaginative method to gain occasional ground.

Season 3 has maybe been the most foreseen in Fortnite, and Epic has conveyed the substance. The season has quickly picked up force, and the engineers have no plan to stop. Presently, after seven days, Epic has revealed a fix update on all stages for the third season.

What’s new inside Fortnite Patch Update?

According to Fire monkey tweet, a new throwable item is added in the update.

You can throw firefly jar that is like a typical molotov cocktail but of Fortnite fashion. There are also some limitations about this weapon, you need to find a firefly in order to activate this.

They had also revealed that the jar will gave damage to enemies and trees as well by putting them on fire.

The company is also hosting a live party on 25 June 2020 according to patch notes and you can also read the info from their official twitter account regarding information about Fortnite patch update.

Bug Fixes

Aside from the energizing increments, the fix has actualized fixes for certain bugs. An issue with the Windshear Cloak Back Bling has been remedied, and the thing has been empowered once more.

The update has likewise served a hotfix for hit pointers indicating an inappropriate bearings. Other than that, the fix consolidated fixes for a few issues on cell phones, which are all recorded on Fortnite’s Trello page.

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