Will Kratos die in the God of War 5? [Rumors spotted]

God of war 5 is about to release on the playstation and Xbox series. Fans are expecting this season as the most intense one and rumors has that our main proragonist Kratos gonna die this time.

But there is some shocking news moving around the web. Does Kratos gonna die in this new part? And if he actually died, which weapon would the enemy use and where could he got that from?

Let’s answer each question one by one.

Will Kratos Die in God of War 5?

Ending of Kratos means end of war season. If there will be no Kratos then there will be no GOD OF WAR that is end of the game series.

Many peoples are talking about this topic and spreading the rumors that our main hero will lost his life in this part and that’s why making it final fight against demons.

Nobody knows exactly what is about to happen and whether Kratos gonna die or not? We had given you the cosequences if Kratos die that is series end.

What about the new weapon?

Now another big question, is about weapons. Yes, there will be new weapons with supernatural abilities. Moreover, they will help in combat with a wide range of distance rather than working in just close combat.

The releasing date for god of war 5 is not announced yet but they will surely made the game available before Feb 2021 as many youngsters are purchasing new PS5 only to enjoy this intense game.

If you remember the last scene then you probably aware from the fact that the last match was concluded with the defeat of Baldur. He expired after fighting with Atreus and Kratos. But this time the scene has a twist, with lots of near death experience of the main protagonist.

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