Animal Crossing 5 is becoming an addiction for these famous celebs

Everyone is having their busy life schedule going on everyday. But what’s happening inside our minds, how much tension, stress, anxiety is there, only we know. We can play games like Animal Crossing 5 or Candy Crush.

As today is Covid-19 pandemic era, playing games is the best way to pass time and chill out with friends. Although, some games don’t require any other person but you.

And some celebrities know this well and that’s why they are getting addicted to a new game because that matches their interest, that is Animal Crossing 5. Let’ know about all of them one by one.

Celebrities addicted to play Animal Crossing 5

You will amaze to see those stars addicted to play animal crossing: new horizons, on their Nintendo Switch. Here is the list of celebrities that are binge-playing this game.

Elijah Wood

The first celebrity that come across this game due to its animal crossing addiction due to a tweet by Jessa in which she mentioned Elijah. She was feeling so exciting and amazing, she also write that this was the best day in quarantine.

Guys I tweeted my turnip prices and Elijah wood just came to my island and hung out 😭😭😭😭😭 this is the best day in quarantine yet

— Jessa 🦋 (@directedbyrian) April 23, 2020


The American rapper is one of the latest player joining the game because of his wife house party. She was getting out of bells and that’s why he jumped into the scene.

T-Pain and wife, both are enjoying the game and engaging their fans as well.

Chrissy Teigen

The cookbook author, model and the mother of two, Teigen is into Animal Crossing 5.

Although, she has not given any details about her island but giving her thoughts on the zipper.

Danny Trejo

Yes, the 75 year old actor is also active on this addictive animal crossing game from Los Angeles. You can also see him holding the Switch in his hands.

He is also asking fans that if they are interested in knowing his Dodo code so that they can visit his village.

Brie Larson

Not only Brie, but her sister also used to play the animal crossing 5 game with her when she was growing up, “it was such a great deal”, she said. Brie and her sister made a rule that whoever finishes the game first will play the game.

She is also asking her fans to share the photographs and stats of their islands to know better. Also, she’s scored a partnership with Nintendo.

Maisie Williams addict to Animal Crossing 5

In this hard time of social distancing, Game of Thrones star is having a nice time with Animal Crossing closet showing her beautiful island.

She is also recommending her fans to setup a Twitch account so that they can watch her live stream on the platform.

Lil Nas X

The 21 year old american rapper is having the latest Nintendo switch in which he is enjoying Animal crossing: new horizons.

He tweeted, I hope everyone is staying safe and out of the way. Then, he shows his excitement about releasing new edition of the game.


Most of all the stars are playing Animal Crossing 5, but here you had seen the ones which are public. If there is someone, that we left you can comment below.

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