The Last of Us 2 Spoilers: Will Tommy Die in the game?

Spoilers ahead! The Last of Us 2 has finally launched and people are making assumptions on the basis of their game knowledge. As you move ahead in the game, you will find new adventures and stories.

It will gave you both excitement and disappointment. Along with those chilling moments, you can imagine yourself in the world of chilling moments and unexpected deaths.

Will Tommy die in the last of us 2 game?

You will get shocked after knowing the answer so if you haven’t play the game yet and will go to play. Then, there will be spoilers for you and you can play first and then come back to not spoil your gaming experience.

The Last of us Tommy die

Now, giving you the exact answer. Tommy and Joel are great friends and easily share their feelings for each other. But Joel is not alone with Tommy, she also has Ellie whom she open her heart anytime.

But Tommy is really amazing, nobody can replace him so if he would die then it will broke many innocent hearts but really the truth is painful.

Now here’s the truth!

Joel is taking with Tommy about her near death experience where she saved Ellie from the hands of countless doctors. And in the process she had also killed many doctors and one of the man was Jerry(Abby’s father).

Burning inside with the fire of revenge, Abby moves with her henchmen to find the victim who had claimed the life of her dad.

And one day, while Tommy was sitting with Joel and sharing the personal space, Abby appears suddenly along with her henchmen and heard the complete story.

Now hearing all the stuff, Abby becomes very angry on her and send her henchmen to shoot Joel. But Tommy holds henchmen and yells stop.

But she presses the trigger and shot Tommy, after that he appears unconsciously lying on the ground. Then, Abby kills Joel and leaves Ellie alive only.

That was really painful…How much you rate The Last of us 2 game out of 10? Just leave a comment below.

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