Ghost of Tsushima release date, Cast and Summary

Ghost of Tsushima release date was decided as 26 June 2020 but it is extended due to the corona virus pandemic that is taking lives from all over the world.

In that case, the question arises about the storyline and gameplay of this fantasy video game. So, here is all the available information about the story and plot along with arrival.

Ghost of Tsushima release date

The release date was actually 26 June but due to circumstances created by Covid-19 pandemic this will launch on 17 July 2020. So keep waiting up to the July and don’t worry about the delay as the developers said it will worth your time.

They had added several twists in the game and the postpone time will only help them to make some improvements and bug fixes. That’s all beneficial to you, all over improved user experience.


We can take idea from the trailer that the scene will be taken from the 13th Century Japan with incredible graphics.

This gonna be very different from other games developed by Sucker punch but one thing is common, that is third person perspective. Get ready to play as Jin Sakai, the last defender.

Ghost of Tsushima Storyline

The game focusses on a samurai Jin Sakai who is the last survivor and saviour for his home. He has to fought against Mongolian army in order to defend his area.

For that purpose, he take helps from allies like the great archer Masako, and takedown the commander of Mongolian army.

If we talk about the availability then it will be officially available on the Play station 4 and maybe for PS5 as well in the future. Its was first announced in the 2017 Paris games week but is coming too late that is this July.

What do you think about this new game by Sucker Punch? Did you play any Samurai game before? Just leave a comment below.

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