Hitman 3 release date, Story and Gameplay on Xbox, PS5

Hitman 3 release date is announced by the company and confirms that it will launch on PS5, Xbox Series X and PC as well. Moreover, you can also enjoy the same on your old Xbox one or Playstation 4.

The story is going to become interesting and you will be the real story of Agent 47, and you can also import locations from the previous versions.

Hitman 3 Release Date

The official date hasn’t been confirmed yet but the year and month will be 2021, January on Playstation 5 and Xbox series.

IO have some other plans regarding this game launch and that’s why it is only the platform for the complete trilogy, that will grow and expand with the time. Another special thing about this update will be, players can carry data from Hitman 1 and 2.

Hitman 3 Gameplay Trailer

They are not showing off most of the features but you will see the Dubai mission. Agent 47 in a sky diving suit and taking down the assassins from the large building.

It will open into the massive assassination sandbox where you will receive new missions. IO has given only this information without showcasing any mission.

Story Line

Hitman 3 follows up on the new story built up with the past two games and has Agent 47 going on another globetrotting experience.

The objective of Hitman 3 is to at last take out the accomplices of Providence, and 47 needs to collaborate with his handler Diana Burnwood, just as his tragically deceased companion Lucas Gray, to complete that.

Outside of the considerable number of areas from past games, the uncover trailer nitty gritty one new area, Dubai.

Evidently, the whole trailer was caught in-motor, and the transcending high rises of Dubai positively make for an alternate scene from what 47 is utilized to. All the more new areas will be uncovered nearer to the game’s discharge.

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