Google Chrome for Android finally getting 64-bit version support

The first Android version supporting 64-bit architecture was Android 5.0 Lollipop and after that all versions support it. But, Google Chrome for Android got no chill and was living alone with 32-bit flavour that creates security issues and degradations. Now, the scene is changing and Chrome 85 for Android will automatically get a 64-bit version.

Since August 1 of a year ago, all new applications and updates that need to be accessible in the Play Store must offer a 64-piece rendition and a different 32-piece variant.

As of August 1, 2021, 64-piece gadgets will not, at this point have the option to download 32-piece applications. Today for all intents and purposes all Android gadgets are fit for running 64-piece programming.

Google Chrome for Android finally getting 64-bit version support

In any case, Google Chrome never made the hop and is just accessible in a 32-piece form. That can prompt some pointless security and execution downsize.

Chrome for Android finally getting 64-bit version support

In any case, this is at last changing, since beginning with Chrome 85 form, telephones running Android 10 or later will get a 64-piece adaptation. A glance at the chrome:/adaptation affirms this from the Chrome Dev and Chrome Canary applications.

As indicated by insights for April 2020, just 8 per cent of gadgets as of now use Android 10. While all the rest are “trapped” on more established renditions of the OS. Luckily, Google will expand support for 64-piece Chrome to prior renditions of Android. Along these lines, the number of gadgets that can appreciate this new form toward the beginning will be restricted.


In the event that you are pondering about the utilization of a 64-piece application, these variants tend to be somewhat quicker than its 32-piece partners. Android Police tried adaptation 83 of Chrome, which is 32-piece fabricate versus Chrome 85 (64-piece) on Octane benchmark.

They saw a distinction of 1270 focuses. In actuality, this probably won’t mean a recognizable contrast yet it is acceptable to see Google setting the model. The organization has set a cutoff time of August 1, 2021, for all Android applications to move to 64-piece design.

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