5 Ways to Find Out Who Owns a House (100% Works)

Do you ever feel confused or bewildered when people are just moving in and out of your neighborhood? Have you met people who claim to own a house but don’t quite know if their claims are really true?

Residential claims create an impression about people and you cannot be sure if someone is actually the rightful owner of the place that they claim to be. So, if you really want to check who is the owner of a particular place, apartment for reasons best known to you, there is a safe and secure way to find that out. 

Even when you have newly moved into a new place and do not know many people, you might want to navigate to find out who lives next to me. At times like these, you can take the support of some reliable web pages that can help you see who owns a house.

1. CocoFinder

As far as CocoFinder is concerned, it is the most well suited platform to ascertain details about someone living next to you. Your personal safety with respect to your place of stay is important and you can ascertain just the kind of assurance that you want.

There is a lot of information you can attain from CocoFinder. In addition to just getting information about someone living next to you, you can also find access to someone’s public data. Ascertaining all this data can help you in being at peace with your and your family’s safety. 

Know who owns a house

There are many ways in which you can check the rightful owner of a place with CocoFinder. It can well sort your question about ‘who lives at this address’. Below are some sure shot ways in which you can check someone’s address:

Reverse Address Lookup

You can do a reverse address lookup and get immediate results. You might have information like name, phone number or a little bit of history of a place, but through the information available at your disposal, you can do a reverse address lookup.

Technically, you can know someone’s address just through their phone number. Through this information, you can know what are the chances of trusting the people around you.

via Cocofinder.com

CocoFinder is an incredible tool. It will give you more accurate and precise details than any other platform. If you think you can find information out on Google, you need to know that there is not all reliable information resting on that platform. 

CocoFinder has a massive database running through several public records. The searches through CocoFinder will lead you to better, accurate and authentic results. Once you enter a name and run a search, you will only get believable data.

Doing a Reverse Address Lookup

All you need to do is visit the CocoFinder homepage and then click on ‘Address Lookup’. When you enter the address of a person, you can enter as vague or as precise the details you have at your disposal.

When you have entered details to the very T, you can ‘start your search’. In just a few seconds, CocoFinder will quickly browse through its data and within a few moments, your search data will be in front of you.

Additional Features

In addition to seeing who lives next to you, there are a lot of details that you can ascertain from CocoFinder. For instance, you can check for your lost phone through the IMEI number. 

Via Cocofinder.com

You can also check about the public data and run a background check on someone. So, when you find who lives next to you and want to get more data on them, CocoFinder will provide you with all the background checks that you need. 

Instant Retrieval of Data

Unlike other platforms that have the capability of putting your patience to test, CocoFinder is the best suited platform. Its search results are immediate, reliable, perfect and dependable. The platform is way more dependable than any other information you can find on a random online search.

2.  ZabaSearch

ZabaSearch is also winning hearts as a reliable source of address lookup. It also provides a perfect impetus to know to be sure that you are living with the right kind of people around you. It is the best-suited platform that can give you a lot of information on someone. However, the wait time can sometimes take a toll on you.

3.  TruePeopleSearch

TruePeopleSearch is also a good alternative and decent platform for knowing who is living around you. You can make a search on people living around you. It can also make you see the background of people. 

The downside of this app is the constant display of advertisements. The ads are non-stop and almost interfere with what you are trying to do.

4.  SpyDialer

SpyDialer is also a decent platform to check upon someone’s address and vital details. It is a very dependable platform providing relevant information and details of someone. It can also be used to run background checks on someone.

5.  CheckPeople

You can check up on people, their background, and addresses based on this platform. The core issue sometimes is the wait time it takes. Sometimes the wait is so long and endless that it can take a toll on our patience.

Further, CheckPeople is reliable. But, there are issues with its result time, which can take much longer and make its users impatient. So, if the relentless ads and the wait time does not bother you that much, you can go for it.


You can navigate to finding out who lives next to me just by using this perfect platform also known as CocoFinder out of all the alternatives available. With a simplistic interface focussed solely and sheerly on performance, attaining your lookup goals becomes possible.

CocoFinder has the least wait time as compared to the other competitors. The best part is that it has a massive database that it extracts data from. The database is reliable, authentic and dependable. 

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