How can I read the Instagram messages of my Child?

You will need to keep an eye on their activities if you have a child with an Instagram account. Yeah, to see what they post and read the comments, you can follow their feeds, but that doesn’t show you anything. 

In reality, being logged into their account is the best way to see what’s going on in their Instagram world. Monitoring your child’s phone all the time is not always realistic to do. Here’s an easy way on your phone to search for their account/s.

Instagram lets you handle up to 5 phone accounts and move quickly from one to another. For each profile, you will simply need to remember the email address and password. Be conscious that many children who have more than one Insta account-there are often “Spam” accounts that they want to use to post dumb stuff, leaving their main account with the pretty images. 

Many times more operation than their so-called primary account takes place on the “spam” accounts. Many children refer to this second “spam” account as a “finsta” or “private account,” meaning “fake Insta(gram)” and may have “finsta” or “private/private” in the username.

Spyic – The best app to read your child’s Instagram messages

With Spyic, you need not think about your target’s isolation. The software runs under a strict privacy policy, and no personal information is kept on the servers of the app. No one can access or share the data with anyone on your/target.


Spyic is a safe, elegant, and, above all, easy-to-use spyware program that makes it 10 times easier to track a phone or tablet computer. Find out here that how Spyic enables you to spy via a web browser on any machine, mobile, or tablet device, i.e. to monitor it, you don’t have to be close to the device. 

spyic dashboard

To get the app installed on it, Spyic does not need you to tinker or jailbreak a specific computer. To get the software to track the system you want, you need no technological expertise at all. 

Besides that, it can perform all the required functions that are expected from applications of its type, such as tracking GPS locations, monitoring calls, online activity, and SMS. 

6 things to monitor on Instagram

1. Tone and intention of comments

Parents sometimes ignore the comment section below a picture post. But this is where it will reveal possible cyberbullying, insults, self-harm signs. The more you read, the more tone, purpose, and possible red flags you can comprehend. Kids sometimes forget about Instagram’s global broadcasting scheme. 

Impulsive teenagers are going to post their phone numbers asking friends to text them, their addresses asking somewhere for a trip. Also, for Messenger and Tumblr URLs, two social networks that we strongly warn against children using, search their profile information.

2. Beware of ‘like’ addiction

For tweens and teenagers, Instagram is a 24/7 prediction thread. . teen will feel reassured and deserving if a picture gets a substantial number of likes and if a photograph –  Tanks.

He or she might take it very seriously.  Coach your teen and assist him or her outside of flimsy cyber walls to develop a positive outlook and a clear sense of worth.

3. Privacy settings

The photographs and videos of your teen will display in the public feed of Instagram if his or her account is not set to personal. So be best to inspect her settings as well as his or her friend list (it’s simple and takes less than a minute).

4. Use of hashtags

If a hashtag (#) is involved, the hashtag can be searched on Instagram and the picture of your child can show up in someone’s feed if the account of your child is not private. That means outsiders who share common values can interact with your child.

5. Direct messages (DMs)

Consider a few more precautions if your child’s Instagram feed seems too good to be real. You might find that in her Instagram inbox, she has an entirely different group of friends. Instagram direct, just like email or chat, essentially enables users to chat behind the public feed.

6. Instagram Direct (IM)

Unlike a Direct message, Instagram Direct is different. Instagram Direct enables you to give you a picture or video that only you and up to 14 other individuals can see or comment on, even people you don’t follow. Many of these ID messages are unrequested pushy salespeople, but others can be sexual in nature and abuse the interest and sense of national identity of a tween or adolescent. 

The image will be sent to your Instagram Direct folder if you follow that guy. It will arrive in a Request folder if you don’t follow the individual, and the Instagrams of that person will keep going to your Requests folder until you accept that individual.


Spyic is one of the world’s leading predictor spy applications. Prominent media outlets are often discussed, including 9to5Mac and Forbes. To continue to enjoy the program, more than one million users in 190+ countries are renewing their connections. 

If they are cheating on you, you should check on your kids and even your partners. You can read their messages and see their browser history as well, and even those messages that have been removed can be seen. 

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