Mass Unfollow on Instagram in Bulk Android/iOS: Try these Apps

Mass Unfollow On Instagram is quite more comfortable than ever before. These 9 Apps may help you to unfollow your unwanted following on Instagram in bulk.

Now you no need to watch and double tap on any news feed that you don’t like. After reading this article, your news feed will become excellent and more satisfying.

You can perform mass unfollow on Instagram in bulk but remember that there is a specific limit of Instagram unfollowing as same as Following.

So how many people can you unfollow on Instagram in a single click?

For example, If your Ig handle is existing for more than six months, then your limit will include 2000 unfollowing per day. But if you had just created your acc, then you can remove 60-200 following in one day at a time.

How to mass unfollow on Instagram free?

Unfollowing is the most natural thing on Insta that you might think. As you only have to go through the person’s profile whom you want to unfollow. Then, tap on the following and click on Unfollow to confirm.

But the problem arises when we want to mass unfollow on Instagram for free. So, here we are suggesting 9 Applications to get your job done.

#1 Combin (Unfollow those who don’t follow back)mass unfollow on Instagram

You can download the Combin app to unfollow Instagram accounts that are not following you back. The app is straightforward to use but available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Just download the App and log in to your official Instagram ID. Feel free to enter your ID and Pass as it does not ask for any personal info.

Now open the Users tab and go to Not follows me where you will find a list of users that you are tracking, but they are not following back.How to Unfollow on Instagran on pc

To mass unfollow on Instagram in bulk, you need to check to Select all option and after that unfollow the users. The process seems to be slow, but it’s all about your safety.

It prevents your account from the Instagram ban. This mass unfollows the Instagram website unfollows the limited number of users each day.

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#2 Unfollow Gram for Android

This app allows you to manage multiple accounts at a time. Likewise, Combin this also monitors to unfollow the limited number of accounts based on your Account duration.Unfollow on Instagram in Bulk

Also, this app is proximal to a perfect 5-star rating that is 4.4 stars. By this, you can unfollow up to 50 accounts in one go.

#3 Unfollowers for Instagram non-followers(For Android)

You can track those users who are not following your account and also unfollow those users easily. Whenever you want to know about the users who unfollowed you, go to the Non-followers tab on this app.How to Unfollow those who don't follow back

You will appreciate this application if you are an influencer, brand, or business account and following multiple unwanted accounts to grow your followers as well as grow IG handle.

#4 Turbo Unfollow (for Android)

A fantastic app to eliminate unwanted following on IG by which You can remove up to thousands of IDs per day, which makes it better than other apps.Unfollow on instagram online

Far from unfollowing this app lets you check your insights and fan following as well as blockage of suspicious/spam accounts.

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#5 Mass Unfollow for Instagram(For iOS)

It is a multi-purpose app because you can get rid of almost all of your problems. Such as unfollowing on Instagram in bulk, deleting several posts, etc.Mass Unfollow on IG fast

But how to mass unfollow on Instagram using this app?

Likewise, other apps it has a built-in mechanism to unfollow a certain number of users that prevent any banning of account. This app is beneficial for Entrepreneur accounts, motivational pages, Business accounts, etc.

#6 Unfollow for Instagram Tracker(For iOS users)

Another worthy download app for iPhone users. This app is rated above four stars on Appstore.Followers Tracker for Insta

Beneficial for those users who follow multiple accounts and most of the users not following them back. Vanish them in a single click.

#7 Unfollow Users for Instagram (Android users)

The best part about this app is that it is free from ads and easy to use. Moreover, you can also unfollow 10 ghost followers on Instagram online in one go, which looks a little bit convenient and keeps you on the safer side.Unfollow ghost accounts

If you want to unfollow everyone on Instagram at once for free, then you may try Turbo Unfollow which allows unfollowing on Instagram in bulk and free of cost.

#8 Unfollow for Instagram IG (iOS users)

Probably this app will help you a lot if you are searching for your friends and you don’t know their name. But you are following them so you can easily recognize them.

Unfollow on iOSYou can also find your most active users, fans, followers, etc. This app will unfollow all in one click who does not follow back.

#9 Cleaner for Instagram (iOS users)

Voila! Another useful app for iPhone, iPad users to unfollow everyone on Instagram at once for free. This app lets you unfollow users, block users, delete posts, and unlike posts in bulk.

Unfollow Cleaner for Apple

You can unfollow ghost followers on Instagram free online by using the cleaner for IG on iOS devices and this service is absolutely fast and free.

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How to unfollow on Instagram fast on pc?

Most of all, PC/Laptop users use Chrome as their default web browser. So, if you are one of them, then Download the GrowBot Automator for Instagram on the Chrome extension Store.

However, An alternative method is available that works on any web browser. In this method,

  • You need to open and
  • Click on the Users tab to access all following accounts
  • Then push on Not follows me button
  • After that, you will find a list of followers that don’t follow you back
  • Select all and click the unfollow users button
  • Enjoy!

Now I want to listen from you:

You had almost all the information about How to mass unfollow on Instagram in Bulk. Now you can mass unfollow Instagram followers at any time.

How to mass unfollow on Instagram 2019?

By manually unfollowing one by one or by using the following apps.

Which is the best app to mass unfollow on Instagram?

It depends on your demand as there are already too many apps available to bulk unfollow.

How to mass unfollow on Instagram?

By using any of the app or websites mentioned in this article.

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These were the mass unfollow Instagram app that you can use to mass unfollow on Instagram without getting blocked.

So tell us which app do you like most? Just leave a comment below with Yes if this article was helpful otherwise comment with No.

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