15 Websites you should know to Receive SMS Online

Want to receive SMS online to verify Tinder or wanna create fake Whatsapp account without using a real phone number? Reasons can be many related to your privacy, but the solution is here. You will learn here about how to receive SMS online.

send fake sms online

The most noteworthy point is that you will receive SMS online for free. You no need to spend even a penny on this service. We will show you the top websites that offer online OTP verification.

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Why we need to receive SMS online:

  • Creation of a virtual phone number
  • Get a verification code on your free number
  • Free of cost
  • Maintain privacy
  • Receive msgs where you want
  • Send funny messages to your friends by using a different country number.

Top Websites to receive SMS online for free:

Now we are making you aware of those websites which offer free service to receive SMS messages. Here you may also send text messages to impress your friends.

fake sms for otp

#1. TextNow

This app lets you and there forward the msgs without revealing your personal phone number. The text also has an Android app we use that in Fake WhatsApp creation. The number is visible to you which you had given.

#2. Receivesmsonline.net

On that website, you will get a total of five figures for messaging and receiving. So many times, you have to refresh the page. If you are facing any difficulty such as 403 error, you may update the page. In our evaluation, all of the numbers are working without any issues. We may not recommend this if you want fast service.

#3. Freeonlinephone.org

We can say that this website is practical but with the color difference. The target is the same at both sites. This website was not working correctly when we previously used it, but after that, they make improvements. Lately, the previous numbers are replaced with a set of new types that are functioning. Now, it is easy to get free online SMS.

#4. Receive-SMS.com

It is another website that provides free OTP verification. The site has 4 US-based numbers which always remain online. Any message sent to these numbers will instantly show on the screen. You can also use the single number after login.

#5. TextPlus App

This app will supply you only United State number from unique regions. This app is free to download & use for OTP verification, and there are no extra charges it’ll cost for you. It will give you a private US Number where you can receive unlimited messages and call too!

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#6. Textfree

If you’re facing issues creating an account in TextNow then likely Textfree is the choice. You may easily make a new account by using the US Zip Code. You may pick your number in the list of US amounts that will be exhibited later creating an account.

how to verify account with fake number

#7. Next+

The TEXT+ is similar to textPlus. It may also be used for OTP verification. Additionally, it offers you with a digital number which may be used to producing calls and SMS using US number in any country without any cost. This program also gives you a personal US amount on which you may get unlimited messages also!

free otp verification

#8. Textlocal.in

The site claims India’s number 1 SMS platform for messaging with over 1.6 lakhs, active users and rated 4.9 out of 5. The service is available anytime with an advantage to schedule automated messages and also reply instantly to our loved ones.

Although, you can also use shortcodes and long codes to search a contact faster which makes the service more convenient easy to use. But first, you need to sign up on this website or download the Textlocal app.

#9. Miracle Tele

Here you will get the fake mobile number from Canada, Denmark, Finland, United Kingdom, Israel, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden and the United States of America. The site offers one personal number per registration.

#10. Pingme.tel

You can make international calls by using this app and the calling rates will become vary according to the calling country. For example, Indian charges will be $0.021 as a minimum rate. But the site always runs some offers to attract users and make the service available at cheaper and accessible rates.

#11. 7SIM.net

Get ready to receive free SMS online on 7sim, the website provides Brazil, Germany, Australia number, Hong Kong SAR China, Indonesia, Switzerland, Sweden, France, Russia, Israel, Ukraine.

The advantages will be a secure service, specific scammers, message delivery, real SIM cards use.

How can I receive SMS on my PC?

You can open any of the receiving message sites online to get a direct SMS to your PC/Laptop.


Glad to see that you have read all the possible ways in which you can send or receive SMS online. Now it’s your turn, tell us in your quick comments which website you are going to use now

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