Whatsnot App for Whatsapp: Hide your DP/Last Seen/Status

Whatsnot App is a fantastic application for those Whatsapp users those who want to hide their last seen, DP, and status from stalkers.

This app is also useful for maintaining your privacy and keeping stalkers away from watching your personal stuff.

You will learn not only hiding but also how to show WhatsApp profile picture to selected contacts without deleting any number.

Probably, the best part is you no need to block anyone or delete their numbers, and you can keep their contacts as well. In case you need that stalker again.

Before you move ahead, I have a question for you.

Had you ever think to scan anyone’s Whatsapp and reading all the personal messages? Sounds interesting, right!

Here is the way to check your friend’s WhatsApp. Try this out if you have a strong urge to see what he/she is hiding from you.

How to use Whatsnot App and hide your DP without blocking?

how to show WhatsApp profile picture to selected contacts without blocking anyone

  1. First of all, Open Playstore on your Android device.
  2. Then, Install Whatsnot and allow for Whatsapp permissions.
  3. The third step should be selecting the contacts you want to hide
  4. After performing the selection, click next.
  5. Your selected contacts start appearing in the Hidden Tab.
  6. You may also deselect or add any new contact if you want.
  7. Enjoy!

What is the actual use of Whatsnot?

Whatsnot is a useful application if you want to hide Whatsapp profile picture without deleting contact or want to show WhatsApp DP to only one person.

Other Specs include:

  • Personalized Last Seen

This feature helps to protect your last seen from the vision of an unwanted person. You can easily customize you are previously seen and limited to some specific people to keep your activity private.

  • Photo visible to selected numbers

Probably, you will find this as the most critical feature of Whatsnot. As it will give you the freedom to upload your beautiful pictures without being viewed by intruders or stalkers.

  • Contact info retained

In other words, Whatsnot App for Whatsapp creates a separate contact list, including all the selected contacts.

  • Simple User Interface

The main aim is to make everything sober and straightforward so that anyone can benefit from this App. That’s why they made this as simple as possible.

  • Separate Caller ID for all Hidden Contacts

Whatnot encrypts the selected contacts so that you can not access to his chat on Whatsapp. But in case you want to get the number, you can access it by clicking on his/her name.

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How to Change Someone’s DP on Whatsapp?

  1. Choose the image you want to set.
  2. Resize it to size 561×561
  3. Then, save that stock image in the  📂 /Sdcard/Whatsapp/Profile Pictures.
  4. Rename it with your Friend’s mobile number.
  5. Open the Whatsapp, and you can find your image.
  6. Don’t worry, if you are unable to change the small image near their name.
  7. This method is just for changing the bigger picture that comes when you enlarge the image.

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Now you can save yourself from the eyes of all urgent but not important peoples. Not calling them unwanted here as who knows they become most wanted someday.

Anyways, you master in working with Whatnot App for WhatsApp for sure. If you are having a question, you may ask us by commenting below.

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