How to Hide Friends on Facebook App under 1 minute

Are you searching for a way to hide friends list on Facebook?

Privacy is everything and you don’t want anyone to enter in your personal space without your permission.

There were days when we used to play with friends in their homes. Sometimes they invite while the next time they arrive at our place.

But this globalized world has taken all our childhood memories and makes us lazy as a panda. Because we can talk to anyone by sitting anywhere.

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Hiding Friend List on Facebook

Probably, it has a positive side as it saves our time and efforts as well. Facebook is really good for social gathering and interacting friends but not everyone who you talk is your friend.

That’s why there is a feature of hiding friends on Facebook by which we can set our friends privately. I hope you will agree when I say that we all have a lot of idiot friends who sends a request to each and every person belongs to us.

How can you hide friends on Facebook App?

Here are the simple steps for you to hide friends on your FB application.

  1. Firstly, click on the hamburger icon present at the upper right side of FB.
  2. Then go to the “Help & Settings” section.Hide friends on Facebook
  3. Tap “Privacy Shortcuts”.
  4. Under this privacy shortcuts, some people got their deal by clicking on “Who can see my friend list” option.How to hide friends on facebook
  5. But if you haven’t found it yet keep looking and don’t settle.
  6. Probably you may click on more settings to find your cake.
  7. Voila! You got what you have been looking for.
  8. Now you can set your connection list privacy as Public, only visible to Friends or Nobody by checking Only me choice.
  9. Hope you enjoyed the guide.

Let’s know about the Hide friends on Facebook choices in brief:

  • Public Option allows anyone using Facebook to see your friends list.
  • Friends mean only your wellwishers can see your friendships.
  • Only Me indicates that you are not in the mood to show your Facebook friends to anybody and keeps them private.

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PC Tutorial about Hiding friends on Facebook

You are reading this section means you want to know how to hide friends on Facebook via PC/Laptop. Well, I can understand because the process becomes tricky nowadays.

Remember the old Facebook, when everything was simple. Ah! what a relief we are getting of just imagining the old days. But social media has revolutionised all over the world and FB is a big block among other social platforms.

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Steps to hide friends list on Facebook PC-

  1. First of all, click on the little triangle and on settings.
  2. Now go to the privacy button located on the left corner.Hiding friends on facebook steps
  3. Similar to App, you can spot the “Who can see your friend list” option under the contact tab.Who can see my friend list
  4. Hurray! You can change your settings
  5. Finally, check the favourable option and click on save settings.

A brief intro to Facebook friends hider settings:

Friendlist options

  • Set it to Friends if you want your spouse to see friend list
  • Friends except, to exclude some friends.
  • Specific Friends, for the limited number of spouses.
  • Only me, so that nobody can access your account
  • Set it to the public for open access to everyone
  • Lastly, leave it to the Public if you want to revert the changes.

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The Bottom Line

At last, we hope you are able to answer this most asked question- how to hide friends on Facebook from other spouses.

These were the easiest ways of hiding friends on Facebook by which even a 5-year kid can get this job done.

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