Survey Bypass Android Trick to skip Human Verification[in 2021]

Survey Bypass on Android is simple.

I can understand that those annoying surveys remain stuck in front of us whenever we go to download something.

That is really frustrating!

But the worst part is, it wastes our precious time and Time is Money.

So, there should be a way to save our time instead of wasting in human verification bypass online. Right!

How to bypass surveys on Android without doing them?

As we are talking about human verification here. We shall focus on discussing bypass surveys on Android smartphones. Although, it looks hard but not impossible.

For example, you want to download an app from a site but it had set up a survey. And without bypassing survey, you are not eligible to save the file on your smartphone. What should you do?

You may probably follow our tricks and a step-by-step guide on how to bypass human verification for generators on Android.

Survey Bypass Android skip human verification

Survey Bypass Android Trick 2021

  • Using Google Chrome

If you are running with the Chrome web browser, then you no need to do anything and worry about surveys. Google’s first priority is you aka user.

It simply warns you every time whenever something malicious or undesirable happens. This browser automatically turns those nasty pop-up ads and surveys away from your home and makes your browsing safer.

  • Using UC Browser

I think this is the best browser for surfing the internet as it has built-in add ons and VPN service. So, you may not face any difficulty of having popup-ads or any survey completing the wizard.

If it is missing from your UC then Go to Menu->>Addons->>Ad block plugin. Now you can skip any ad under 5 seconds and bypass any survey on your Android smartphone.

  • Survey bypass Android Using Third-Party Adblocker

If you are exhausted on using UC Browser, Google Chrome, Safari, Mi Browser then you can definitely use your favourite browser.

Instead of finding a malicious APK to bypass survey, you may simply run towards the all-time favourite place to download applications.

Best Android Games for Girls

That is, Google Playstore and if you are an iOS user(AppStore) where you can find almost every type of application you have been searching for.

One of them, that I should recommend is Adblock Plus app which gonna help you avoiding surveys and also in removing disturbing ads. But go for the premium if you want to experience quality.

How to bypass surveys online to download a file

The survey bypass process is almost same for all sites such as Fileice surveys. The website always presents a survey before downloading any file. But you can bypass it by using the methods mentioned below. They will help you out in bypassing annoying surveys so that you may download new files without any problem. Now you know how to bypass human verification surveys on your Android device using google chrome, UC browser or any other web browser. But do you know you can make money by doing surveys on some sites like Ultraworkers? If not, check out this article now.

Let’s do the same thing for the PC.

Bypass Surveys Online without doing anything

A few days back we use Surveybypass com to bypass online surveys when we need to do a Fileice, Filespeedy or Mega down survey to download your favourite file.

But now, things had changed a lot and not as same as the 5 years before like 2015. Although, you can change your tactics to get the desirable results.

If you are using Pc or Laptop then probably you are using Chrome as your default web browser. There are 3 practical ways to skip surveys online without doing them.

  • Inspect Element method

If you ever tried to see Gmail Password of anyone then you are already the boss. You might probably use this amazing trick before.

Just right-click anywhere with your mouse or simply press Ctrl+Shift+I to open inspect element. Now, here you can edit the survey window and simply delete that portion from the HTML coding.

You don’t need to be a hardcore HTML developer instead you can look for the blue area on your webpage, you should delete that portion which is coming in your way.

  • NoScript Addon for Firefox[Survey Remover Script]

If you want to download any file without completing the survey then should use a survey remover script. And this addon does exactly the same thing.

You need to visit and then click on the install button. After that visit the nonsense website asking for a survey and boom.

Enable the Noscript plugin and refresh the page. When you did, you will see no survey to bypass.

  • Self Checking [Going to another site]

So, you had tried all the things to survey bypass Android but haven’t got your solution yet. Now its time to do some human work.

There are billions of websites available on the internet today that are offering the same service with almost at the same price.

So you can simply visit another place if you don’t like one marketing space. But don’t believe in peoples making flying castles as they don’t fulfil their promises.

Keep an eye on whatever service you are getting now and always looking for better but verify everything otherwise you will fall into the trap.


That’s not the ending but the beginning of your questions. You can ask whatever you want about survey bypass android or any generator app that offers the same thing.

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