Are you looking for Best Android Games for girls? Here ends your search.

Boring is very common in today’s era, and sometimes it is very annoying among every individual, especially girls. But if you are holding a smartphone in your hand then don’t worry, Playstore got your back.

Millions of Android Games for girls are available on the Playstore with excellent graphics and beautiful pictures, but finding a great one Is again a difficult task.

So we had done some research and created a final list of Best Android games for girls that you will like the most and can’t resist downloading on Smartphone.

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List of 11 best Games for girls 2020 that you can’t resist downloading

11#1 Fruit Ninja:

No doubt Fruit Ninja is famous all over among girls as it is the most exciting and most effortless Android game you ever play. You will become a master of slicing fruit after playing this game.

Get ready to unsheathe your blade and join the arena to connect with billions of players worldwide and prove yourself the best Ninja among your friends and relatives.


  • Relaxing chopping sounds
  • No ads
  • Zen Mode
  • Track Rankings on Leaderboard
  • Special Prize and Glory

10#2 Tic Tac Toe

A good time killing game to bypass the boring lecture. Play with your friends or by all alone. This game is based on the old cross & zero Game.

Nowadays, the User interface is pretty good and charming. The glow effects and the difficulty levels had also been introduced in this game now. You can play with the computer or with the next person sitting with you.


  • Glow effects
  • Difficulty levels
  • Adults can enjoy too
  • 1P vs CPU & 2 Player also available

9#3 Princess gives birth a baby:(Android 8.0.2)

Hey girl, Probably you want to be like a princess, but here you can be a doctor for the pregnant Princess. She needs your help to give birth to a newborn baby.

As a girl, you will complete this task efficiently and prove to be a good doctor. It is a very educational game for kids as well as for future doctors.


  • Helper princess is always there to help
  • Check heart rate
  • Learn anaesthesia
  • Regularly check for fever
  • Perform ultrasounds
  • Make you a little doctor

8#4 Angry Birds Classic

It is one of the most entertaining and addicting games that every girl should play in her childhood. This game deserves to be in Top 5 best android games for girls as it has enormous graphic quality with more than 400+ levels.

Get ready to stretch the catapult and destroy the Pig’s base. As you pass different levels, you will find a lot of new birds such as Bomb, HighSpeed etc.


  • Offline play
  • Download for free
  • Join the mighty league
  • Angry Birds episodes available for free
  • Satisfying slingshot sounds

7#5 Candy Crush Saga

One of the best and most exciting games for girls is Candy Crush Saga. You can play it on your smartphone as well as on your tablet.

Developed by the king studio, Is game is almost free but requires payment. If you want to skip a level or you want to get some extra moves.

The game is quite simple, and only you need to match the same type of candies In a pair of three and higher the number higher will be the chance of forming a magical candy that blasts the whole board.

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6#6 Player Unknown BattleGrounds

Nowadays, girls are addicting more than boys in shooting games too, and one such example is PUBG mobile. This is a very relaxing fighting action game which you can play with your friends as a Squad.

You will definitely not bore at any instance, and you will learn and grow by playing this multiplayer battle royale game. This is ultimately the best game for girls. Only you need to fulfil these requirements:

  • Android 5.1.1 and above
  • Fast internet connection
  • 2 GB free internal space

Try PUBG lite if you have less than 3 GB RAM.


  • Free of cost
  • Variety in Gameplay
  • Jawdropping Graphics with customizable controls
  • Lots of Maps- Erangel (Downloaded), Miramar, Sanhok
  • Daily events and Challenges

5#7 Makeup Girls- Makeup & Dress-up game for girls

This Android game is for all girls who are very artistic in nature and searching for a chamber of creativity. Are you a makeup, loving girl? Indeed!

Get ready to make up this beautiful girl and jump into the modern world of fashion. The game is perfect for time pass, and probably it will make you a fashion Guru.


  • Massive collection of jewellery 💍
  • Supported all devices
  • Different accessories for makeup like eye shadows, lipsticks, hair colour etc

4#8 Subway Surfers

The game starts with Jake painting the Graffiti on a building wall. Most of all people identify this game already. Somehow you too had listened to this famous name.

Now the Subway is in Mexico, so get ready to celebrate Halloween with a special sale and unlock stuff. Find different artefacts to stay in the game.

You might love:

  • Hoverboard Surfing
  • Colourful Jetpack power
  • Watch live status on Leaderboard
  • Beautiful Art
  • Join the adventure chase

3#9 Indus– Brew Your Story

I hope you love telling stories. But what if these come into existence? Do you appreciate them even more or go with the flow of the story?

Enjoy the fairy tale by modifying the endings and replacing the roles of characters. The story appears in the form of dialogues or text messages. You can select the reply out of three options given.


  • Fall in love and finish the story
  • Great stories were written by renowned authors
  • Character is customizable
  • Different outfits available
  • Play as a Girl or Guy

2#10 Cut the Rope 2

Meet the Nom and friends on the adventure of Cut the Rope 2. It’s the second part of legendary Cut the Rope logic game that will test your logic ability and critical thinking.

The game is very much exciting and challenging but difficult to master. You can also use some hints whenever you stuck on a hard level. This thing makes the game more helpful and more engaging.


  • All-new adventures
  • New Characters
  • Exploring the different areas
  • Meet with NOM’s Friends
  • Enjoy the cartoon when tired of playing

1#11 Cooking in the Kitchen

This game will teach you a lot about cooking and helps in preparing 24 different kinds of dishes. Moreover, this will also help you pass time by watching tutorials.

Some of the examples that you can create on this best Android game for girls is that you can bake your birthday cake, croissants, cupcakes, pizzas etc.


  • Easy to play
  • Make Hot dog
  • Bake the turkey
  • One of the best food maker games
  • Added different modes


Let’s leave this up to you. Tell us which Android game you find best on your Android Smartphone.

Probably, you like Player Unknown Battlegrounds as it is great action and shooting game or all-time favourite Candy Crush Saga.

Let us make this news viral and make people know that girls not only like Dolls and princess games but they prefer action, strategy and adventure too.

If you are here then be a helping hand and spread this article in every Facebook group as well as Pinterest, Reddit etc.


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