25 Latest 1 MB games Free Download for Android Smartphones

1 MB Games Free Download: Are you looking for the smallest Android games that you can play without compromising your Smartphone’s storage?

Here’s your deal!

We are back with the 25 latest 1 MB games that you can install on to your Android mobile right now instead of Doodle Cricket, 2048, or any old game.

In the last, we will share with you the one Apk which gets loaded with the impressive 100 APK.

The Best part about these games is that you may also make money online on playing them.

Here are 25 Best 1 MB Games you need to play ▶ in 2020

Best 1 MB Action Games:

Alien 👾 Attack

Get ready to save your territory from the alien invaders. Shoot all of them before they reach your area.

Alien Attack 1 mb games

Various heroes are available to make the gameplay enjoyable. Moreover, you have to beat the boss to win the match.

Zombie🧟‍♀️ Jump

Watch Out! Zombies are coming from everywhere.

Zombie Jump 1mb game for Android

Zombie Jump is the action cowboy style game that you can play on your smartphone with very little storage space.

Animal’s Fight

Animal’s fight is the action as well as adventure type game in which you have to eliminate all the spaceships.

Animals Fight

You have three characters- one fires small bullets, another fire missiles and the last one helps in repairing the spaceship.

Shark 🦈 Dash

Shark Dash is suitable for little school-going children as it appears extremely simple but hard to reach a high score.

Shark Dash Android game less than 1 mb

The game is impressive as you are casting as a small shark and shooting all the fishes in the barrel.

Defense Karmax 3

If you are looking for Tank Games under 1 MB, then you should not ignore Defense Karmax 3. It is based on the old game Tank Shooters in which two tanks were fought from a far distance.

Defense Karmax 3 latest 1mb game

The concept here is, only one tank is there, and you have to protect your base from the invaders’ missiles and Bombs and shoot 1000 of them to unlock a new level.

Best 1 MB Adventure Games:

Knight Rider

Looking for endless adventure. Knight ride takes you the whole night.

1mb game knight ride

If you ever played Flappy bird, then you will better understand this game. It is more like that with few added features.

Space Cowboy

Space Cowboy is one of the most uncomplicated and straightforward game you can ever imagine. It is based on touching the target concept.

Space Cowboy Best Action 1mb game

Whenever you touch an area, your cowboy will move towards that direction and eliminates the target — takedown as many cows as you can to gain a maximum high score.

Rapunzel Tower

If you are looking for Girls Android Games, then you will probably like the Rapunzel Tower. As it is a very much romantic type game.

Rapunzel Tower

The prince’s mission is to save the princess by reaching the top. You need to stay focused if you want to win the game.

Flying School

Likewise Angry Birds, you may pull the catapult and launch your birdie. But here, the scenario is different.

Flying School

There are no pigs, but that doesn’t make this too easy. Instead, you need to collect the stars and protect yourself from obstacles.

Rope Ninja

This game is fantastic with lots of beautiful sounds. If you ever played Cut The Rope 2, you can relate it better.

Rope Ninja 1 mb android game

In this game, you may need to tap the birds flying in the sky in order to move forward. The Ninja takes out his/her rope and jumps on the other panel.

Best PC Games Download

Best 1 MB Games (Sports/Racing):

City Cricket:

This game is best for all cricket fans. You can score all the runs up to sixes by playing a single shot only, and you no need to run also which makes it best 1 MB Cricket game.

City Cricket game less than 1 mb

Moreover, you can choose overs from 2,5 and 10 with your favorite IPL team. Mine is Mumbai Indians, what about you? Tell me in the comments.

Quack Hunt:

When we were young, there were very few games available in the market. Duck Hunt was one of them which can be found in every home with video games.

Best game under 1mb Quack Hunt

Hope you can relate, we got a little gun with the video gaming console and sat aside for shooting ducks by pointing the sensor of the firearm towards duck to shoot them out. Whenever we shoot the duck, a dog comes to collect; otherwise, it laughs in a joking manner.

Super Goal

Football lovers here is your surprise. Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar are coming with full stamina, and it is your responsibility to save defend the goal.

Super Goalie Android 1 mb game

Become the Best goalkeeper with Super Goalie. You got super fast hands to defend yourself, so use them wisely and achieve greatness.

Go Fishing

This game will test your response and mind speed. It will help you improve your attention. Catch as many fishes as you can for a good supper.

Lets go fishing 1 mb

Maybe you play ‘Fishing Rope’ on iPhone or not, but this is actually like more of that game. In that game, you can catch fishes by going in-depth up to 10,000 meters.

 Basketball Master

I believe this game needs no introduction. As you can assume, it is a typical sports game. But what can you do in that?

Basketball Master game 1 mb Android

You need to aim towards the basket to put the goal on your name. So, tighten your shoes and set aside in a relaxed position.

Best 1 MB Games (Puzzle/Logic):

Match Up

Probably, you have played cards at your home or see someone playing cards in local trains or any public transport.

Memory Match up 1mb logic game

In this card game, you have to find a similar card as the previous one. This will sharpen your memory.

Swipe Art

Swipe Art is an exciting puzzle game that you can enjoy under 1 MB. You need to swipe the puzzle pieces to form a complete image.

Swipe Art Puzzle 1mb games

It will test your reasoning skills and remember to put all the pieces on the right places as soon as possible to make a high score.


Had you ever travel on the train? I am asking this because now this is your time to become the loco pilot. Double Tap on the train you want to speed up.

Locomotive Train game 1mb Android

It is your turn to manage all the trains so that they can reach their destination safely without encountering a Collison. If there is a collision, then game over.

Pixel Slime

It is a mixture of puzzles and logic games. It’s all a jumping game, so you need to jump according to the changing screen.

Pixel Slime Android Game very less mb

It appears natural at first sight, but the level rises as you finish the first one. There is a total of 40 degrees, and I reach 10 level max.

Little Bouncing Guys

There are several bouncing balls available there, but they will unlock only when you clear a level. Bounce Left and right to catch everything right.

Little Bouncy Guys 1 mb games for Amdroid

Sweet rewards and new characters are waiting for you. Stay updated and collect all of them to build your reputation.

Best 1 MB Strategy Games:

Hansel and Gretel

Another nail-biting game that makes you jump out of bed. It is based on the movie- Hansel and Gretel in which there are ghosts and paranormal bodies.

Hansel and Gretel game 1 mb

The character of this game looks like Hansel which moves to eat an apple and collect homes while protecting herself from spotted by deathly hallows.

Greedy Gnomes

Likewise Tic Tac Toe, two players in one phone can play the game. Also, only the shapes are different, and the points are calculated after the match.

Greedy Gnomes

The person with the most significant number of pairs won the match for sure.

Jom Jom Jump

Your player is a sheep with sneakers that can jump high in the sky. But be careful to jump on the hard mountains otherwise you fall.

Jom Jom Jump

You will like this game for sure if you are looking for Strategy with arcade genre in a single game.

Where’s Tom

In this game, you may need to spot the little things of tom. Click when you place something which is mentioned in the bottom bar.

Where's Tom less mb game android

As soon as you complete the level, your rewards will become more significant and vice versa. So, make sure to spot things on time.

Falling Ball

Save the ball from getting out of the screen by continuous movement from left to right and right to left.

Falling Through

The ball is not falling, but it’s the screen that is moving, and you need to keep your ball in the frame by continuous movement.

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These were the Best 1 MB games that you can play on your Android smartphone for free without any extra charges.

I can understand that you are encountering a bunch of ads in between your gameplay but my dear:

You have to give something to get something.

And if you are looking for other games which you get directly on the play store instead of small offline Shooting games, then you probably like-

Doodle Cricket, Tic Tac Toe, The Ludo, Stickman and Gun 3, Football Black Mini, Escape the Room, Another Bomber, Fur Guardians, Chess for Android, Word Search Lite, Trapball, Fishy Fish.

If you want any other best games list then comment below, I will reply for sure.

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