Best Free Cloud Storage Services in India | Review & Comparision

The competition for Best Cloud Storage in India is increasing day by day as companies are bidding high to rank on the top and catch your attention.

If you have no idea where to go, when it comes to cloud storage, then keep reading to find out.

First, let me give you a brief introduction of the most demanded and highly searched topic- Cloud Technology.

What is Cloud Storage?

There was a time when we use physical storage devices like hard disks, pen drives, and smartphones to store our personal information. Whenever we want to share that info, the physical device was required.

But, nowadays, things have changed, and you can access all of your data sitting anywhere in the world.

You can watch the favourite photo of your home anytime even when you are on the North pole or a few miles away from home.

What do you mean by Cloud Storage

Thanks to Cloud Service!

Cloud storage is the online space that we use to store our data. In this service, your data is stored on multiple virtual servers that are hosted by third parties.

Benefits of Online Storage:

  • Easy to Access

It is the most powerful feature of online storage. No technical specialization is required, so anybody can access the service just by drag and drop method.

Also, you need just an active internet connection to establish a link to the server and your surprise. You can see whatever you had uploaded.

  • Security

Security assurance is the most demanded feature for any online or even offline service. As it builds a persuasive authority between a company or service provider and user.

Once you had uploaded your data, then you may assure that your data will be private and far from security concerns. For that purpose, some companies send regular emails to your id to keep you aware of your data.

  • Scalable

Well! This feature is mostly found in paid Cloud Storage. So, you may not ignore this if you are ready to give some money to Best free cloud storage service providers in India.

Scaling refers to adaptability. In short, this feature will help you to expand or constrict your storage plan according to your requirements.

Cloud Computing Benefits

  • Automation

This benefit of cloud technology is about advancement in technology that limits human power. It is the process of using technology and does the methods without using the workforce.

  • Cost Savings

Cost is the most important and determining factor to run a business. To your surprise, Cloud computing is affordable, and sometimes it is free.

Multiple people can access the info to edit and collaborate on a single document 📃. The device complications have been reduced.

Best Cloud Storage Services in India

Whenever you search for cloud storage on the Internet, you can find two types of services. One is paid and the other one is free.

Nowadays companies are throwing too many offers in order to gain potential customers but do not fall in the trap for free.

The free ones are sometimes ridiculous and we might regret later on our deed. So, do not fall for the greed and check out the best free cloud storage for yours.

Who is the Best Free Cloud Storage Service Provider in India?

When it comes to storing large media files online, we look for a file manager that can hold our private details and data. For that purpose, you are looking for data upload and storage service.

We do some research and find out the list of Best Free Cloud Storage Services in India in the present moment. Find out the most suitable one for your convenience there is also some best image hosting sites which provides online photo sharing space for free.

Google Drive (15 GB Free)

Probably, you are using this right now. Just check out where are your latest photos, and you will understand what I mean. Our images and videos automatically upload on the Photos online.

Google drive -The best free cloud storage

The best part is you can upload as many photos as you want until your storage reaches to 15 GB. Another interesting fact is that Google Drive now becomes the world’s most widely used Cloud Service, as it doesn’t mind your internet speed. So, no need to bother if you have a slow connection.

Weak Points- There is no private encryption and also privacy regulations are not clear.


The name of pCloud is joint with a secure and encrypted cloud system. All files are encrypted with the server cryptosystem and can not decode unless required to download.

It offers a maximum of 10GB storage to a single account that you can increase up to 2TB by upgrading the plans. You can also archive unwanted files 📂 to save space.

Cons- A paid subscription is required for encryption of files and there is no productivity app support.

Amazon Drive

Amazon Drive is another secure and free online storage provider for storing your photos, videos, and files. Here you can store 5 GB of data for free to save, organize, share, and access.

Amazon Drive cloud storage

Moreover, you can choose annual plans with good discounts such as 100 GB for $11.99. But if you are an Amazon Prime member, then you will get free unlimited photo storage on this best free cloud storage service.

Cons- They have no productivity App and also not great for free storing.


Likewise, Amazon Drive, you will on get 5GB open room to upload your media files. This service is specifically for Apple products such as iPhone, iPod touch, and Macbooks.

The cheapest plan is for $1 a month in which you get 20GB extra storage other than free 5 GB. If you take regular backup of your service, then you no need to worry about the deleting of files from your device, as they are on Cloud.

Problems- Only suitable for Apple devices, difficult for beginner use.


It is the most discussed and famous cloud service provider as compared to all other developers. You can enjoy the 2GB space at first sign up, which you can increase by referring a person to get 250 MB per person or by adopting a premium plan.

dropbox provides free cloud storage upto 10GB

But if you want to do it for free in the meantime, then send invitations to your friends and invite them to join Dropbox. The next thing you can increase storage is by installing Mailbox for iOS and Android.

Problems- There is only 2GB storage on the first login, have security concerns and previous data breaches.


The service is from Microsoft. The free user will get 5 GB of free storage to store the files. But if you want to enjoy Free 100 GB storage on this cloud network, then you should probably log in to Bing Rewards.

one drive good online storage

Moreover, you can purchase a premium subscription of 100 GB on this One Drive by spending $1.99 per month or $99.99 a year to gain massive storage of 6 TB with access to all premium features. This pack is distributed between 6 users(1 TB each).

Weak Points- Limited features on the free plan and no encryption is possible without any knowledge.

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Degoo (Free Cloud Storage 100 GB)

Degoo is the best online file storer if you are looking for a whapping storage overhaul with massive data worth 100 GB. You can check out this service if that can solve your problem and prove it as the only solution.

If you are thinking about why they are so kind to us, then you may assume that this is their strategy to gain more active users. On the other hand, some users call it risky.

Anyhow, we can call it as the Best free cloud storage service provider in India as it is giving 100 GB storage for free. Not bad for having some extra storage but not reliable.

Weak Points- No built-in apps, security threats, paid plans are too expensive.


Zoho Docs is the document management system that allows a user to store its valuable data irrespective of location. The service is providing you a free space of 5 GB to save your images, clips, precious documents, presentations, and spreadsheets.

zohodocs is great cloud manager

The storage is secure, so you can assume that our data is safe and secure. The service scans viruses and malware whenever you upload or download any file.

Media Fire

Mediafire is the biggest and best free cloud storage service provider in India after Degoo. You can upload multiple files in go that make this service so insane and easy to handle.

The storage provides initially is 10 GB at starting but can be increased up to 50 GB. Working with Media Fire is simple than ever before and far more convenient due to its added features and simple user interface.

Weak Points- No software for desktop, limited features, privacy and security concerns.


The box is the new platform to safeguard and store your data online. The free account will get 10 GB of storage with a maximum size of 250 MB.

Box Cloud Storage

Although, dropbox and box are alike. But they appear similar in offering the storage service. Both are secure, fast and convenient. The maximum free saving capacity of Box is 10 GB and dropbox is 2 GB with referring offer.

Cons- Limited Storing capacity, expensive plans.

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The service is invented by OVH which offers us to upload documents including images, video clips, etc online with satisfying storage of 25 GB. Feel free from security as there is only your secure place.

They are having a referral program to increase your 25 GB storage, backup, and saver hybrid, the best plans at cheaper rates.

Weak Points- Security concerns, No app for Android, lack of user support.


The name signifies its meaning providing a whapping 50 GB storage for free. It packs with lots of features that enable every user to enjoy the service easily.

Mega Cloud Storage

A normal user like me and you can use this easily with zero knowledge, the user interface is engaging and there is also encrypted link sharing.

Cons- Prices are a little bit higher, with no link downloading limits, less speed.

What are the Best Free Cloud storage services in India?

Now, I am leaving it for you.

I hope this guide was helpful and you can make a wise decision now. Whatever cloud plan you adopt just look for their services and disadvantages.

For a better understanding, you can comment below or just simply mail us. We will happy to help with this hot topic that is Best Free Cloud Storage Service in India.

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