How can you delete your Spotify account when there is no option of deleting it in the App?

Probably, you are looking for an answer to this mind-blowing question. And that’s OK.

I can understand your problem because I was having the same a few days back, but later, I find out the best and easiest option to overcome the situation.

Before we start closing our account together and move on with Apple Music again.

I want you to draw your attention to certain things that you might not ignore while considering to remove your account permanently.

You can read them right after the procedure.


How to delete your Spotify Account permanently

  1. To cancel your account from this music streaming service, you may need to visit the Customer Support Page of Spotify.
  2. Then, click on the account.
  3. Choose “I want to close my account” option.
  4. Now, make your choice between cancelling your Spotify premium subscription and permanently deleting your account.
  5. If you want to remove the Spotify subscription, you may click on the right side to cancel your subscription and switch with a free account.
  6. But if you are in no mood of coming back, then you should click on the left side.
  7. Then, you need to face a little emotional drama of the Spotify app and click on ”continue”.
  8. Verify your identity by entering your password again.
  9. Now, Spotify will flatter you by saying- You’ll lose followers and saved playlists. Ignoring all the stuff click the “Continue button” again.
  10. After that, you will receive a confirmation mail on your email address.
  11. Finally, you need to open the mail and click on the “close my account” option to complete the task.

Now some people might ask how do I delete my Spotify free account? My answer to them is you already know. That is, by using the above method.

Wifi Connected but no internet connection

How to delete Spotify account connected to Facebook

To unlink yourself from Facebook, you may need to do follow some simple steps.

  1. First of all, login to your account.
  2. After that, click on the Profile icon and select account.
  3. Now tap on Privacy settings from the left side.
  4.  Scroll down and uncheck Process my Facebook data option.
  5. Voila! Time to confirm now.
  6. Select Yes.
  7. Done it!

To give a brief summary of what we had just finished, this will prevent Spotify to access your Facebook account, importing contacts, sharing songs, etc. and ultimately protecting your privacy from Spotify.

If you are looking for a guide on how to hide friends on Facebook App then you may also learn that from here.

For some cases, it might not be working anymore because they are making the process more complex day by day.

  • In your web player, you can remove Facebook data but not sign in.
  • If you are using a smartphone, there is no Facebook option.
  • On their desktop app, there is no option of disconnecting FB acc.

But there is still a golden nugget to surf Spotify safely without taking worries of losing Facebook privacy.

By unlinking Spotify from Facebook Settings ⛮

Before we proceed, make sure to write your username and password somewhere to remember because we are not coming back through doors of Spotify with our Facebook ID.

By using this method, you can disconnect any Application you connect once through your Facebook ID.

  1. If you are using PC/Laptop, click on the small triangle⛛
  2. After that click on Settings.
  3. Here you will find Apps and Websites option.
  4. From there, you need to locate the Spotify App.
  5. Then, check it and select remove.

Can you revert changes after permanently delete Spotify account?

So, now you want to come back on Spotify. But is that possible to going home after fighting with your family.

The short answer is Yes! It is possible and there is still hope of understanding the situation as we can see anyone’s password by using Gmail dot trick generator on the internet.

Community says when you permanently delete Spotify Account, your status still remains active for the next 2 weeks.

If you want a come back 🔙 then this should be the best time otherwise you will be no longer access this account.

Then you need to create an email account without using your number which you can use for free.

Will you need to pay premium fees after closing your Account?

Most of the people are using a Spotify premium account to download over 10,000 songs, with unlimited skips, etc. But what if the application messages for money even after closing your account.

In some special cases, this App asks for money when you close the account. This happens because

  • You delete account on the day of payment
  • Spotify doesn’t get information that you have gone

So, try to delete your Spotify account before some time(2-3 days prior) of premium subscription payment. If you do exactly the same, they will not charge you any cost.


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