The A-Z Banned Android Apps you must know before you hit 30

Banned Android Apps are the ones which we used in our school days for getting unlimited coins in Subway Surfers(lucky patcher), downloading paid apps for free(Blackmart).

I hope you can understand what I mean. Right!

Now here’s some history.

A few years ago, these banned android apps were easily available on the google play store like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and we use them to create multiple fake WhatsApp accounts without adding a phone number.

But after finding the violation of security policies and many other things that we discussed before like we download videos from Youtube, make millions of coins in our game using lucky Patcher, dropping our friend’s wifi speed, watching online TV, downloading paid apps from Blackmart, etc.

20 Best Banned Android Apps Revealed that you will not find on Playstore

Here is the list of 20 Best Android Apps that are not available on Playstore now.


Vidmate was an amazing youtube video downloader that allows downloading any of the online streaming clips for free. Vidmate like Apps are banned from playstore

Also, its features include multiple downloads simultaneously, lesser ads, inbuilt browser support, etc.

Xposed Framework Installer

We make small changes with our operating system by using the Xposed installer. An intelligent tool for unlocking everything in your device.Xposed Framewok Installer Application

Best for Android ROM developers, you can develop your personal modified OS and shock your friends.

YouTube Vanced

If you want to play YouTube videos in the playground then you need to try Youtube Vanced. It is available for rooted as well as non-rooted devices.

YouTube Vanced is also one of the best Banned Android apps

This app lets you watch YouTube videos in the playground without annoying ads with premium dark themes.


This software was developed to check for security vulnerabilities and also to check up unprotected sessions over the web. But you are ready to attack over your neighbour’s Wi-Fi and get his/her all info in one click.

DroidSheep Apk

You can monitor Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn of the victim and also protects yourself from any attempts. But use it at your own risk and more importantly, your device should be rooted.


This was an audio enhancing Android application which is no more available on the play store now. The only purpose of this application was to adjust the sound quality of each smartphone and reach its best performance.

Viper4Android app not available on PlayStore

You will amaze to know, this was developed by the XDA labs team for professional DJs do that they can rectify their sound quality.

Network Spoofer

This is actually a great app for playing different types of pranks with another device connected to the same WiFi network. The significant part about Network Spoofer is that it is easy to use and works on non-residential networks like School, University.

Network Spoofer in Banned apps for Android

Some features include changing Google searches, replacing YouTube videos, redirecting to other websites, flipping text, etc but it requires root access.


It is the best movie streaming application of the play store where you can watch the latest TV shows and web series for free anywhere. There are a number of shows which you can download here.

ShowBox app

Not available on PlayStore as well as AppStore but that was the most trusted free online movie downloader ever made.


Blackmart is your destination if you have been looking an Apk to get all the premium versions free of cost.

Blackmart in the list of banned android apps

Yes! Once it was available on the google play store but now it has been removed due to security concerns. App developers complained due to their losses of paid downloads and proper action was taken.


Another SMS bomber app to send 50 msgs once to your friend’s WhatsApp number or email id and hang his/her phone for 30 seconds. Most of all users were using Android to perform a prank have fun with their fellows.

Bombitup App

On the other hand, it protects your phone number, email and more. However, some restrictions are there but lots of features are already free.

Torrentvilla App Banned on Playstore

If you fond of watching movies and TV shows, you probably familiar with the term torrent. Torrentvilla is the premium app where you can find the latest movie premieres, web series and TV 📺 shows.

Torrentvilla like apps are also banned for Android users

Get ready to download your favourite Netflix series like F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Narcos, Lost in Space, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, etc.


Tubemate is an online video downloader for Android, iPhone, Windows and Linux to save videos from Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Tubemate is banned video downloading app of Playstore

Whenever we find a video very useful and wants to watch it again and again but having a limited internet connection, we find a way to save the clip to our phone, laptop. Then Vidmate comes into play and becomes a good deal.


Had you ever see any website’s source code? If not then you are not alone, only 3% of people actually notice that.

F-Droid not available on playstore

In other words, this might help you in modifying any other applications in the Android Studio as their source code will become available freely.

Amazon Appstore

From 2011, Amazon Appstore was rocking by giving a paid app free download and dominating in the market.Amazon Appstore

But these good days won’t last forever and that was shut down by Google.


Likewise Amazon Appstore, you will find a variety of applications and games on this amazing application.

Aptoide banned Apks store

Moreover, it has a built-in ad blocker which means you no need to watch ads while downloading anything from the web.

Magrisk Manager

This app manages other services that require root access like SuperSU, Xposed Framework, etc.

Magrisk Manager

It checks for any updates available and keeps your device up-to-date.

Adblock Plus

As the name signifies the purpose of this service, it blocks all type of ads covering the mouth of your Smartphone.

Adblock Plus App banned on PlayStore

As it removes ads, the advantages include fast and clean browsing with great user experience.


If you are a developer and wants to modify YouTube then this banned Android app should be your first choice.


As it is a lightweight, private, pop-up player, with history retaining feature YouTube client available on GitHub for developers.

Popcorn🍿 Time

Download or watch unlimited free movies and TV shows here without any restrictions. But use it at your own risk because in some places downloading pirated content may be illegal in your country.

Popcorn Time is also a banned android app

Along with downloader, Popcorn time is also a media player as well as media client for live streaming Netflix, Amazon Prime web series and TV shows. As mentioned earlier, use them at your own risk.


This allows the user to connect with the Google Chromecast to watch and stream online clips, TV shows, films and Web series.

GrowBox Banned Android App

Not only this, but Growbox is also a great app for those who find it hard to see a movie on their small screen of mobile phone. It provides quality as well as quantity entertainment which is making it the most popular app.


One app for on name of music listeners, Grooveshark. You will laugh to know that this was removed from play store and added to another AppStore but again removed from there too.

Apps like GrooveShark not available on Playstore

You can say this is the best free alternative to Pandora, Spotify, Gaana, Wynk, JioSaavn and other music streaming services available out there.

The Bottom Line

So, these were the banned Android apps which are not found on the play store this time.

If you have ever used any Apk that was previously available on Playstore but unavailable now, then comment below your experiences. We will love to hear.

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