10 Excellent Apps to Keep Tabs on Your Kid’s Location

Parenting is tough, regardless. It’s even more challenging when you have kids playing online games, chatting, social media posts, and web browsing. In the worst-case scenario, a whole set of digital rules are main.

Best Location Tracking application for tracking your kid's location

Watching your children at home can be done via verbal communication, Internet channels, and other PC-based devices. However, when your daughter is out on a date and fails to be home before curfew. Or your son went to a football match with friends and is overdue for check-in; it becomes a little difficult. 

Thanks to smartphones apps, now you can keep tabs on your loved one’s location anytime. These apps generally use GPS to track kids’ phones within a set radius.

 Let’s look at the top 10 reliable apps:

Part 1: FoneMonitor Child Location Monitor App

FoneMonitor is a reliable child locator software designed for parents to keep tabs on their children’s location. It’s compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The process of setting up FoneMonitor is quick and easy compared to other tools.


Over a million parents in 190+ countries use FoneMonitor to locate their kid’s exact whereabouts. Take advantage of other 35+ FoneMonitor features that big media companies like Mc World, Tech Advisor and PCMag often talks about.

Since iOS is equipped with iCloud backup, all you need to find their exact spot is the iCloud username and password. Everything else is done remotely via your FoneMonitor account control panel. Your kid will never suspect of being tracked. 

If the kid uses an Android device, you have to download and install the FoneMonitor app on his/her phone. The installation process is smooth and quick. Once installed, the app operates silently while in stealth mode. This way, you’ll be able to monitor your kid’s movement discreetly. Uninstallation, however, is just a click away on your dashboard.

You don’t have to be a tech expert in using the app, after all, there’s no jailbreaking or rooting of the target gadget. Therefore, your kids’ phone remains unaltered and secure. Furthermore, FoneMonitor’s strict data security policy gives it an edge from its competitors.  

With only your phone/PC, internet connection and FoneMonitor paid account, you can access your kid’s live location via any web-browser. Use the app to explore more activities on the kid’s phone, including web filtering, reading messages, analyzing calls, galleries, etc.

For more FoneMonitor features, check out this guide.

Steps to Start Monitoring Your Kid Location

Step 1: Register for a new online FoneMonitor account. Choose the target device OS and pay for a subscription.

fonemonitor sign up page

Step 2: A confirmation email will be sent to you. First, enter the kid’s name, age and select the right OS.

fonemonitor select device panel

Step 3: The following steps are: a) for iOS and b) for Android.

a) Verify the child’s iCloud credentials and wait for configuration


b) Download and install the FoneMonitor on the target phone. Activate stealth mode when installation winds up.


Step 4: Access your FoneMonitor dashboard to start monitoring. On the left side menu of the screen, click on the location feature to see your kid’s GPS location.


Part 2: Spyier

Spyier is another excellent location monitoring software that helps you keep tabs on your child’s movement and most frequently visited places. Without root or jailbreaking, Spyier end-to-end encryption allows you to access kids’ location by staying hidden.


Part 3: Spyic

Another highly praised parental monitoring app available online is the Spyic location tracker. This app was designed mainly to help parents control their kids’ phone use, including text, calls, and social media sites. The geofencing feature alerts when your kid leaves or enters at certain set boundaries.


Part 4: Minspy

Like Spyic, the Minspy app allows you to find your children whereabouts on a map without spending lots of funds. It’s compatible with iOS and Android. In case your kids lose his/her phone, Minspy can be used to track it within minutes.


Part 5: TeenSafe

TeenSafe, as the name suggests, helps parents monitor their kid’s online activities 24/7, along with identifying any potential dangers. Even if your kids choose not to receive their phone or reply to texts, TeenSafe will help you locate him/her anyway.


Provided you have a reliable internet connection and a phone/PC/tablet, you can register for a TeenSafe account and set up within minutes. 

Part 6: Spyine

This 5star software offers GPS tracking, but it’s well known for its features and reliability to serve. The app lets you monitor kids’ current location and previous days movement. The location history is easily accessible via Spyine online web-based dashboard that opens in any browser.


Part 7: Neatspy

Neatspy incorporates unique monitoring technology to help you achieve all your child surveillance needs easily. You don’t have to have special skills to operate it. For iOS devices, all you need is the child iCloud details. As for Android download and installation of 2MB, Neatspy app is necessary. Plus, it employs stealth mode technology to remain unsuspected.


Part 8: Spyzie

Remotely find your son/daughter’s phone with Spyzie. With the rising incidents of cyber threats, sex trafficking and child kidnapping, it’s critical to keep our children safe. You can rely on Spyzie solution to trace your kid location, browser history, read social media chats and call logs.


Part 9: Cocospy

In the 9th position is the Cocospy app. It’s a program that can monitor any smartphone virtually without getting detected. In fact, it doesn’t cache any retrieve data on its servers; instead, info gets updated in real-time. This high-security restriction guarantees your data privacy. You can trust it to track your kid’s location.


Part 10: Safespy

Lastly, Safespy has established itself in the phones monitoring app industry because of its intuitive user interface. You can use the app to keep tabs on all your kids and monitor when they arrive or leave a specific destination. Every movement has a timestamp including, street address, date, time and coordinates.

Safespy banner


The security and wellbeing of your youngster is something you ought to compromise. As a mindful parent, you should try anything to guarantee their security and prosperity. The most ideal approach to monitor their whereabouts consistently is by using parental control apps. 

All above 10 apps are highly trusted for their reliability. Check out FoneMonitor’s free demo to feel how it works.

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