An insight into location tracking apps and their data collection techniques

Over the years, phone location services have become widely popular, and people have become dependent on them for different applications and features to work optimally. However, all smartphone users are not comfortable or fully aware of apps tracking their movements and collecting location data. Location data provides a more personalized experience for users, like wanting to know information about the nearest bookstore, coffee shop, pizza place, or friends’ whereabouts.

People think that they can turn off location tracking, but it is not that simple. It has become a standard feature for companies that wish to personalize the users’ experiences with the app and gain information for marketing. Location tracking apps use GPS technology that pings off the phone’s signal off cell towers, satellites, or Wi-Fi networks. These signals map where people are so that apps can easily offer location-specific services.

App users recently found that both Apple and Google track movement even if the users disable location tracking. Google shares location data across its products despite users not wanting to share their location data. As for Android, it shares 90% data of its data with Google that lets the company use behavioral information. Google has the biggest database and has over 105 million active users, and uses the information to create targeted ad experiences.

Why Do People Use Location Tracking Apps?

There are two main reasons because of which people are willing to trade their privacy. People use location tracking apps for convenience and safety. Location tracking allows users to enjoy personalized and relevant search results. Moreover, devices can store information such as favorite stores and most frequently used addresses.

Here are some benefits of using location tracking apps:

Discover Nearby Businesses and Events

With the help of location tracking apps, users can get to nearby spots conveniently. There is a popular search-and-discovery app by the name of Foursquare that connects the users with events, communities, and restaurants. The app makes suggestions of its own depending on the users’ search and purchase history. Say a user loves trying out burger joints. The app would then recommend the best burger restaurants in the vicinity.

Enable Communication between Users

Enable communication between the users

Another popular use of location-based apps is checking in with friends, partners, or children that saves time and provides reassurance as well. Couples tend to use location tracking apps to keep track of their kids. One such popular app is Xnspy, which is a child monitoring app. The app can be installed on a child’s phone, and it keeps track of their messages, emails, multimedia, and locations as well. One can learn in detail about the app’s capabilities by going through this comprehensive Xnspy review. Checking up on each other’s location through apps removes the need for constant texting and asking others regarding their whereabouts. Location tracking helps with accurate and efficient communication.

Offers Tailored Ads and Services

Location tracking allows for targeted ads and services to those who are avid users of such platforms. Apps such as Uber use location as their main service method. Pokemon go is another example. These apps work according to the location of the people and how to connect them with places of interest.

The data collected by these apps help advertisers in creating personalized advertisements. With the help of these apps, advertisers can successfully relate to buying experiences in real-time.

People Feel Safer with These Apps

With the help of these location-tracking apps, people tend to feel a lot safer and secure, particularly when these apps are used to make others aware of their whereabouts.

Xnspy review

Different Xnspy reviews would tell you that parents tend to feel a lot more at ease when they can monitor their child’s location remotely. Moreover, the app lets you set boundaries on the GPS map as well. One can set alerts on certain locations too. Parents of teenagers find these apps invaluable. Apart from parental monitoring, kids also share their location with parents for a certain period when they are traveling or walking alone to ensure that their parents are aware of their whereabouts.

People also use these apps to keep track of their elderly loved ones or those suffering from health issues. These apps help people know where their loved ones are at all times.

Final Word

Location services hold promise. Moreover, they offer users a lot of convenience and comfort in a variety of matters. Over time, these services have become a necessity. GPS on your phone can help authorities to locate you and send you help in case of emergency. Apart from this, location services also make it easier to retrieve lost/stolen phones. So, even though there have been instances where too much information was shared by the apps, responsible and careful use of these apps can prevent any mishap. Make sure that your device tracks and shares the information you are comfortable sharing.

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