12 Powerful Twitter Marketing Tips That Actually Work

Twitter is being used by companies and brands to promote their product or services or to share some news. But do you know, you can also use Twitter to upscale your marketing efforts, generate new leads, and boost sales.

The only thing that matters is to choose the right tactics for this. You must know that the average lifespan of a tweet is just one minute and every minute 1000s of tweets are generated. So, your approach should be to create tweets that are unique and engaging.

In this article, we will talk about some tips that can help you ace the marketing game on Twitter. Keep reading to find out.

Tips For Twitter Marketing That Works Like Magic

Twitter Marketing tips

1. Work on your Twitter Profile

It’s always a good idea, to begin with, the basics first. Your Twitter handle should be something that people can remember easily and is easily searched. Keep your username, profile picture, and header image creative but focus on keeping it simple.

Another thing, keep the same name across all social media handles including Twitter. Different names would confuse your audience. Also, try to keep a name that reflects your brand’s identity.

In the case of a profile picture, you can use your brand’s logo. This way you are increasing your brand awareness and every time when a user interacts with your account, he is more likely to remember your brand’s logo even outside Twitter.

Besides, use the header image to show your creativity, thus increasing brand awareness too.

You must know that people hardly engage with businesses having large or complicated Twitter handles, so keep it simple, keep it sweet.

2. Optimize your bio according to your brand

Just like username and profile picture, your bio should be optimized as well. Twitter gives you the option to write a bio in 160 characters. Make sure you utilize these characters efficiently.

Create a killer bio. Just explain who you are, what you do, and what is unique about you. The idea is to use Twitter’s bio to let the world know about your brand.

Few things that you can implement when creating your bio-

  • Keep it accurate.
  • Tell people what your brand is about.
  • Try adding a pinch of humour.
  • Mention your accomplishments.
  • Add relevant hashtags.
  • Make sure to tag the brands that you might be related to.

3. Tweet at specific hours

Social Media gives you the power to share your ideas and content but you should know that social media’s algorithm works differently for posting at different hours. Your aim should be to post at a time when there is a high chance of engagement.

There are certain times and days when users are likely to be more active, thus increasing the chance to interact with your Tweets. Once you identify what these hours are, you will gain more likes, comments, impressions, etc.

As per Buffer, Tweets posted on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays have higher CTRs than those posted on other days. On the other hand, posting between 12 PM and 6 PM is the best time to post.

However, interactions on your Tweet also depend on your audience. Therefore, experiment with the time and days to understand your audience’s thoughts about engaging with the content.

4. Use minimum but right hashtags

Hashtags are important for any social media. While Instagram works on more hashtags, the same is not true for Twitter. Tweets that have tons of hashtags are likely to be dropped by Twitter.

Add right and relevant hashtags as per your brand but try to keep it minimum. Only add hashtags that add some context to your tweets.

There are several tools like Hashtagify that can help you with hashtag research.

5. Take help of advanced searches

Isn’t it a great idea to find people looking for or talking about your brand right at the moment? Well, Twitter’s Advanced search lets you do that easily.

Now, you don’t need to send promotional tweets or reach out to your existing customers for deets. Instead, you can search some industry-specific terms with the advanced search option and your job is done.

You will be shown the tweets that are related to your brand. With advanced searches, you can reach out to your potential lead and tell them how your brand can help.

6. Add images for maximum resharing

Images have a higher click-through rate. People are attracted to visuals more than text. So, it’s a great idea to mix your Tweet with a relevant image to increase the chances of interactions and engagement.

Tweets that have images attached have higher chances of getting retweeted. So, more people can know about you and reach to you.

But make sure your image is matching with your tweet and is of high quality.
You can tweet about your recent blog post, add an image from that article with a link to it. This way you can even direct the audience to your website.

7. Use the Twitter video for higher engagement

Another idea is to use video in your tweets. As said, visual content works better, and videos work even better than images. You can record a new video from your device or add the existing video. Try adding branded videos to get more attention.

You can choose to share behind the scenes, insights about your company, some personal story, accomplishments, anything to connect with your audience better.

The more your audience would feel connected, the more they would engage with your content and remember your brand for long.

8. Conduct Polls

Polls are by far the easiest way to attract users’ attention and interactions when it comes to Twitter marketing. Polls are easy and when there is an option, people are sure to click. Create polls that are for the general audience and not just technical.

You can use the poll to conduct market research, know your customers, get feedback, and more. Creating a poll is all about creating unique and engaging questions.

To create a poll, just click on the same button used for adding a tweet, click on the poll icon at the bottom of your screen, add your question and options, and you are done.

9. Use Creative CTAs

CTAs are important as they act a major role in driving actions. The idea behind Twitter marketing is to generate leads, boost clicks, drive sales, and increase downloads.

Therefore, you must end your tweet with a call-to-action i.e., it lets people take some action. Maybe you are already using CTAs like asking people to share your post but that is not enough.

Use effective action words such as

  • Follow us
  • Learn more
  • Visit us
  • Shop our sales
  • Visit our website
  • Download here, etc.

Since people love freebies, try using the word free as much as possible.
With powerful CTAs, you can generate more leads and sales for your business, redirect more people to your website and drive downloads.

10. Test Headlines

Twitter is probably the best place to test headlines.

All you need is to tweet 3 to 5 headlines that have trackable links. Make sure you are doing this when more people are online and all the headlines are different.

Track the performance of each link. Then, put the same headlines into an A/B Testing service.

Now, you can track user responses to these headlines. Compare the responses and understand better which headline is working best for you.

11. Reach out to Influencers

Pitching your ideas to people with a high following is not that difficult these days. You just have to present something that is of common interest and they can add more value to your brand with just one tweet.

Begin with finding influencers who have a good amount of followers and who can align well with your brand. Look for their posts to understand if you both are on some page.

These influencers can be probably the ones who liked your tweets or maybe you interacted with them. You can also look for new influencers if they fit well as per your brand.

Next, reach out to them, DM them if they would be interested in promoting your brand through their tweet.

12. Leverage the power of Twitter Ads

Last but not the least, Twitter Ads. If you are looking to boost your engagement at a higher pace, Ads are the answer. Also, if you don’t have huge followers, you can turn to Ads for reaching out to more people at the same time.

Promoted tweets are the best option for getting more engagement in a shorter time. You can also use conversational ads. They are similar to promoted tweets but you can add CTAs here.

Conversational Ads are also a great way to inspire organic posts that are associated with your brand.

To Conclude

Twitter is a great place to enhance your brand’s marketing strategy. You just need to know the right tips.

With this article, we hope you are clear in the same. Implement these tips and see what difference they can make to your business.

In case of any query or doubt, mention us in the comments with your questions. We will get back to you soon.

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