If you want to make money with email marketing then you need to start following these basics to in order to achieve a strong base.

Probably, you are having a small email list to outreach peoples. Right!

In the beginning, everyone starts with zero subscribers and no Facebook fans but as we grow, our community builds up automatically.

But rather than Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, doing email is still the most relevant and effective ingredient in the recipe of online business.

So let’s start with the most effective tactics to grow your online business simply by sending 10-20 emails.

7 proven ways to make money with email marketing

In this episode, we will discuss how you can make money through email marketing and expand your network and net worth.

If you want to create an email without using mobile number then you can also do it for free but do that for testing only.

1) Offering Your Products

Starting from the most beneficial strategy that gonna help you make money really fast and no expenses.

You can offer your goods and services to other peoples and charge for them. For example, If you are good at teaching a particular subject such as SEO, SEM or anything then you can target the peoples in your email list to learn from you.

Maybe 2 or 3 people will come to participate out of 200 but the cost worth it. The more you fail the more you grow so keep trying and never give up.

2) Affiliate Marketing

If you are not having a product or service to sell then sell other people services by affiliate marketing. And it is simple too.

Affiliate Marketing is the art of selling other people products by yourself in order to gain some commission on every product sale. The only thing required to approve in this tactic is potential customers.

Because if you are lacking customers then who is going to buy the products and if nobody purchases a product, there will be no sale. And if no sale, no commission and hence no money.

In my view, these are some of the best affiliate networks to start affiliate marketing-

3) Start Upselling to make high money from email marketing

Okay! Now, this technique is based on your persuading power. Like, you convince your girlfriend to come up for the next weekend, you need to satisfy your customer needs.

For example, if someone comes at your door for purchasing your service, it is 80% possibility that he/she will come again if the product quality is good.

And there are chances that if you follow the right ways to reach your customer’s heart then he/she can manipulate the budget for you and agree for an expensive service.

4) Down selling- Lower the price but not the quality

Most of the time, it happens that our customer is unable to purchase a product due to its higher price or his/her financial backgrounds. So, try to make them as affordable as possible.

Then, you will notice more people are adding to your business and your business goes well. Whenever you want to lower the price of a particular service, make sure only the price becomes less because you can’t compromise the quality.

You can decrease the quantity but not quality. As mentioned above, the more affordable your product, more people will ad your service for free.

5) Promoting other sites via your email list

Sounds like affiliate business, right. Some sites gave you money on the basis of your potential to bring visitors to your client’s website.

If you are having a long email list then you can try this one with your subscribers.

6) Cross-Selling

Likewise, upselling and down selling, cross-selling is somehow different from the other two strategies. In this technique, your user is already familiar with your product.

Consider an example, Eric is a fruit vendor who sells fruits. You came to his shop online and bought some berries at a cheaper price and subscribe to his newsletter.

So the next time Eric brings something new, you got notified. You had already purchased something great stuff from him so you want to buy any other fruits too if you need that.

We can also take an example of an online course somebody’s offering. When you finished that, you will receive emails to related courses made by the person.

In our opinion, you may send email to your subscribers after 2-3 weeks of purchase, as it will build trust and shows that you care about them.

7) Make money with Email Marketing by Renting Mailing list

Do you want to make money with email marketing at a lightning speed? But this will be for a short duration.

Some peoples are interested in your audience if you are having massive amounts of the mailing list with active customers.

A businessperson seeks the opportunity of sales in your subscribers if you want to want to make fast money because people are willing to pay the highest price to target their potential customers.

But we will not advise you to follow this way because it will sometimes prove to be counterproductive and your own subscribers start to unsubscribe you.

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Bonus Tactic to make money by email marketing

By applying sponsored ads to your newsletter, you can earn a huge amount of money. The hard work is in finding sponsorships.

Moreover, when someone subscribes to your newsletter, you can send him/her a detailed catalogue of your services.


Can I assume now that you are able to make money with email marketing? If yes, leave a comment below with Yes otherwise No.

Ask your query by commenting below.

Also, feel free to share spread the love by sharing the article with your loved ones so that they can also start earning from their mailing list.

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