9 Brilliant PowerPoint Templates & Backgrounds for Remote Business Presentations

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Preparing remote presentations for business is now the new norm in times of COVID. When you are running late to present a slideshow in your next business meeting via Zoom, presentation resources such as the free PowerPoint templates websites are essential and a lifesaver.

No more time spent designing every aspect of your slides! Focus on finishing your presentation with the content that you have to present and rely on a pre-designed template for all the design-related things.

Fortunately, now you can get access to thousands of PowerPoint templates for your presentations. And because it is free, that doesn’t mean that the quality is compromised. Of course, you may not expect high-quality service or free support on these templates, but at least you can start from a free template and save many hours of manual work.

Furthermore, with the free PowerPoint templates, you can quickly create presentations based on different topics and needs. In this article, we will review some of my favorite templates to be used in business presentations or remote presentations via zoom. If you want to get access to the full list, visit the free PowerPoint templates website.

Collection of free PowerPoint templates for remote business presentations via Zoom

1. Free Handshake PowerPoint template

Free Handshake PowerPoint template

Download Here

At a glance, it might be impactful to see a Hand-shaking template in times of COVID.

Let’s not kid ourselves; if we can’t greet each other with an affectionate shake of hands for fear of getting infected, nothing prevents us from doing it with this background image in our virtual presentations.

At least, it is not scientifically proven that COVID is transmitted via online meetings, so the hand-shaking PowerPoint template below can help us to present a business meeting remembering how the business deals were closed in the past.

2. Free Amaranth Abstract PowerPoint templates

Free Amaranth Abstract PowerPoint template

Download Here

The abstract backgrounds like the Amaranth presentation template is a good design for virtually any business meeting or remote presentation design. It has a geometric shape background style that can be used on many different topics. Suitable for a variety of business presentation purposes, the abstract theme allows you to delight your audience with excellent colors.

3. Free Design PPT TemplateFree Design PPT Template

Download Here

Free Design PowerPoint templates are a lightweight and simple presentation design with colorful styles and white background. Design agencies or design-related presentations can use this free PPT template.

Prepare a designer portfolio or use is as part of a design agency to delight your clients. The template can also be used for educational purposes as it allows us to customize the text without hassle.

4. Free Quote Slides for PowerPoint

4. Free Quote Slides for PowerPoint

Download Here

Quotes and facts are essential when preparing a compelling presentation. Many famous quotes can be cited along with business presentations. And slide quotes like this one can help to capture the customer’s attention in times when the attention span is reduced to its minimum levels.

Participants in a remote presentation might be using their smartphones while attending the presentation, so mixing your speech with some memorable quotes from famous personalities can help to grab their attention again. Moreover, some famous quotes are from movies, like the “With great power comes great responsibility,” which is cited to Uncle Ben in Spiderman.

5. Free Cyber Security Network PowerPoint Template

Free Cyber Security Network Backgrounds for Business Presentations

Download Here

The free Cyber Security Fingerprint PowerPoint template is a digital security presentation theme with a red background and the image of a keyboard that can help to prepare impressive presentations related to protection against cybercrime. This free digital security template is an excellent choice for cyber-security professionals required to make a presentation on advanced security topics and cybercrime.

6. Free Yellow Abstract PowerPoint Template

Free Yellow Abstract PowerPoint Template

Download Here

The free yellow abstract design for PowerPoint is an elegant presentation background that fits well for any business presentation purpose. The design has vibrant colors and an impressive style that helps you to wow your audience. The free yellow presentation template combines bright yellow tones with a dark red color producing a high-impact presentation design.

7. Free Modern Office Building PowerPoint Templates

Backgrounds for Business Presentations

Download Here

With an impactful cover image of a building and skyscraper, the free office PowerPoint template design fits perfectly for any business presentation that needs to be held online. Prepare remarkable remote meetings via Microsoft Teams or Zoom with high-quality office backgrounds in PowerPoint.

8. Social Media PowerPoint Template

Social Media PowerPoint Template

Download Here

Free Social Media PowerPoint template is a template for PowerPoint that can be used in a social media project or by community managers to prepare impressive presentations on social media campaigns. This template can be combined with social media dashboards and KPIs showing the progress of your campaigns. This free social media template is suitable for digital marketing presentations or business presentations related to digital strategy or small businesses. What’s remarkable about this template is that it is not only available for PowerPoint but also compatible with a variety of presentation tools, including Google Slides and Keynote.

9. Abstract PowerPoint template

Abstract PowerPoint template

Download Here

This is another free Abstract PowerPoint presentation design that can be used to prepare presentations with a visually appealing style. The free template has a great blue pattern as the cover image and enough space to add your presentation content.

Final Words

What happens if you don’t have time or the design skills to prepare a presentation? Don’t worry; we have your covered. Free PowerPoint templates resources and specifically the templates included in this article can help you to boost your presentation design productivity even if you lack presentation design skills. You can create attractive presentation designs with pre-made and free presentation backgrounds.

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