How Can I Send a Fax from Outlook?

Fax or the fax machine was once employed and used as a competent service for communication and also served as a major tool for all of the information transfer that took place. Fax usage was on the verge and it was a beneficial tool that changed the outlook of the world towards communication.

As we see now, the usage of the fax machine has declined in a fugitive manner and has been deliberately made to shrink owing to the innovative changes that came and changed the world. All you need now is a simple phone and you can transmit all of your information to the other end without any hassle.

Even though fax is no longer used as a primary mode of communication or information transfer, it still has its uses. For example, the confidentiality of the mail or social media is always at stake so it is advised to use something as confidential as fax. Here is how you can fax directly from your Outlook:

CocoFax: Send Fax Online Easily From Your Outlook:

Cocofax is a sturdy and brilliant application that can be employed for all of your needs and can be easily accessed for sending fax files over an internet connection. With Cocofax, you can fax from outlook 365 and avail all of the features of our competent and reliable service. Faxing has never been this easier.


Cocofax has made its debut and has risen to fame since the advent and beginning of its service. The online facilities of this extensive service can be availed from all of your devices such as Outlook.  If you want to know more about our service or our privacy policies, you can check out GoogleFaxfree here! And explain why it is the best faxing service in use.

Why Is CocoFax The Best Online Fax Platform?

Cocofax is a recognized and appreciable service that has made its debut in the field of hacking and has now surpassed all of its competitors when it came to success. Cocofax can be used and employed in all fashions of spying be it online fax sending or receiving.

The best thing about this service Is that it is easy to use and does not require any specific orientation or device to run upon. All you need is an internet connection and then use our service as a primary source to begin the faxing process.

Cocofax allows you to enjoy a month free trial where you will avail all of the services online and easily experience all of our astonishing features. Cocofax works in perfect harmony with your needs to provide you with the best experience of digital faxing.

Is Fax Sending Possible Over An Outlook or Simple Windows?

It is possible as well as an easy task for a person to send all of the fax as well as receive it on the pc if Cocofax is used. This brilliant service allows you to send the fax or receive it directly on your pc and you now have to no longer wait for bulky machines to start the process.


How Is The Fax Sent And Received On Your Mobile Phone (Step by Step Guide)?

Cocofax is a comprehendible and comprehensive service as it has always worked on ease and comfort. Our service is completely client-oriented and therefore ensures that no issue is faced by the clients in either the signup procedure or the usage. Here are the few steps through which you can easily get your task done.

Step 1:

The first step would be to make sure that the device is connected to a good and stable internet connection to ascertain that the signup procedure would be flawless. Afterward, you will proceed to the search bar where you are advised to visit our site that is “”. As you open up the site there will be a create account option you are requested to click on


Step 2:

As you click the button of the created account orientation, our competent service will allow you to another tab that would open the details box in which there would be spaces for the filling of your credentials. All you may need to do is to fill the credential bars with the accurate and latest information to justify your account and to avail of the 30-day free trial.


You are now allotted a free-of-cost fax number that can be used for all of your activities concerning the need to fax anyone. You can use it as an identification number to ensure that the fax has been sent to the right person in time.

Step 3:

Cocofax has now completed the procedure and now you can easily send the fax and avail the services that you require and you subscribed to. All you need to do is to enter the required fax number of the person you may want to send the fax to. Cocofax will immediately send your fax to the number.


Are The Files Readable?

The main problem with the fax format is that it cannot be read on documents that are normally supported by the outlook. However, Cocofax also assists you in this field as it helps you in the conversion.

As you receive the fax, the file comes to you in a converted form of a PDF format from which you can easily send or share the document accordingly.


We provide different offers to our clients depending on their mood and their needs. You can select from a wide variety of offers available that are specific to our valued clients. Account orientations such as premium or regular offers are present at your service.

If you find our service appreciable and need more devices to hack into, You can choose other subscriptions or you can use the free month trial to enjoy all of what we offer our valued clients for effortless and remarkable transmission of fax.

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