PUBG Mobile is a Chinese game or not? Let’s check all the facts

PUBG Mobile is Chinese or not, the world is looking forward for this information over the internet. And most of all are Indians, due to #BoycottChineseProducts trend.

This game is very popular among the children and adults all around the globe but what if this is made in China. Let’s talk about it.

Is PUBG Mobile Chinese or Korean ?

According to the news Ma Huateng is the CEO of the Chinese company Tencent Holdings(TCEHY). He recently surpassed founder of Alibaba group, Jack Ma whose worth is $48 billion and Tencent CEO is $50 billion.

Everyone is going digital and that’s why top 5 richest persons in China are tech company executives. So, how does it related to PUBG mobile Chinese connections?

Here’s the truth!

PUBG mobile chinese game or notPlayer Unknown Battlegrounds was first developed in South Korea, however some Chinese companies also involved in it. Brenden Greene is the developer of PUBG with Bluehole games and then spread into the global market.

After the successful release of the game, it becomes separate PUBG corporation and it become expanded to Europe and the USA. Then, Tencent games come into play, as it was a tech giant of that time.

The Chinese company shows interest in Bluehole and move forward to purchase some rights for that. Then, Tencent register most of the PUBG rights and launch lite version. In short, PUBG is Chinese product with Tencent as parent company.

Popularity of the Game

PUBG popularity is increasing day-by-day all around the world including Asian, Arab and European countries. In this coronavirus pandemic, PUBG popularity has increased by 34% that is really huge.

The best part about this game is, its free of cost and if you want royale pass you have to pay. But most of the game is absolutely free and better than any battle royale game.

Although, live streaming of this game is also becoming popular and making fans of PUBG mobile Chinese game. Popular channels like MORTAL, Dynamo Gaming, GTXPreet and Live Insaan are getting huge fan base due to PUBG.

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