Samsung Galaxy Note 20 May come with Wireless DeX Mode Technology

In spite of the fact that not actually the first of its sort, Samsung wireless DeX mode is ostensibly one of them all the more fascinating modes of Samsung’s top of the line cell phones and tablets, regardless of whether it hasn’t wound up overwhelming the versatile market.

Some portion of the purpose behind that was the prerequisites for extra accomplices to make DeX work. There were bits of gossip that Samsung was investigating including support for utilizing DeX without docks or links and that component may be approaching its presentation, possibly with the Galaxy Note 20 one month from now

Galaxy Note 20 might come with Samsung Dex Mode

In spite of the fact that the basic role has continued as before throughout the years, the way Samsung DeX worked has consistently changed since it appeared on the Galaxy S8 in 2017. It at first required utilizing a dock however that ended up being excessively unwieldy by and by.

The Galaxy Note 9 presented utilizing a solitary USB-C to HDMI (or USB-C video) link while the Galaxy Note 10 could interface with any Windows or Mac PC and run DeX inside a window there.

Samsung galaxy note 20 may come with wireless dex mode

Those still required the utilization of links, in any case, and nothing beats the accommodation of basically associating with a screen or PC remotely. That capacity has been reputed previously and Huawei even beat Samsung to the punch.

XDA’s Max Weinbach has now observed proof of this covered up in the Samsung Tips application, implying that it might simply be around the bend. Since the element has been related to Samsung’s Galaxy Note line, there is an opportunity it could even occur one month from now.

Samsung Tips App unreleased Dex Mode

XDA detected the component in the “Become a forced client” area of the Tips application. As should be obvious in the picture over, the header of the component peruses “DREAM DEX HEADER USE DEX WIRELESSLY M TIPS”. The nearness of “DREAM” in the header proposes that the element may bolster gadgets more up to date than the Galaxy S8 arrangement.

Samsung Tips App unreleased Dex Mode

Furthermore, it seems like there will be motion controls for exploring between the home screen and ongoing applications. According to the page, a swipe down signal with three fingers will result in back activity, while a three-finger swipe up will show late applications. This would assist with utilizing the gadget all the more productively as a trackpad.


It won’t be amazing if Samsung chooses to report wireless DeX mode close by Galaxy Note 20 arrangement at its Unpacked occasion, set to occur on the fifth of August. We will realize when that occurs and thus, stay tuned for additional updates.

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