Tencent PUBG Mobile Update 0.19.0 Launch with new Livik Map

PUBG Mobile is at present taking a shot at the much-anticipated 0.19.0 update that is relied upon to bring a huge amount of new highlights installed.

As indicated by the hypotheses, the update is said to permit players to battle against manager mummies and cobra snakes in flying pyramid sanctuaries. PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 update will go live for Android, iOS clients on Tuesday, July 7 as per YouTuber Powerbang gaming.

The previously mentioned update will be accessible under the up and coming Ancient Secret Mode. So as to knock up the fervor among players, Tencent is said to include two new guides where the players can appreciate the up and coming interactivity mode. One of these guides will be called Livik, which will end up being the littlest guide of the game.

Tencent PUBG Mobile Update with new Livik Map

PUBG Mobile will toss players into various kinds of minigames as the pyramids take off. After settling a riddle in these smaller than normal games, a plunder chest will be opened and a message saying the player has been reviled will show up on the screen.

Tencent PUBG mobile Update out nowWhile things sound very simple up to this point, the test is yet to come. When the clients complete the minigames, a unique room will open where the players need to finish a supervisor battle. In any case, the test is still moderately simple and the planning of the test thoroughly relies upon the player’s capacity to shoot.

After finishing the supervisor battle, the players will look against a manager mummy that will out of nowhere show up in the focal point of the room watched by a few cobra snakes. The players should be cautious about the cobra snakes as they harm the wellbeing upon contact. With respect to the mummy, the player can take shots at it from one heading and destruction her.

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