17 great topics for your essay on technology

Technology rules the world and interests almost everyone. Talking about technology is so fascinating that it’s easy to get carried away in the process. When you’re tasked with writing an essay per one day, sooner or later, burnout can set in, and you can’t think of a topic to write about. We have prepared a guide for you to choose topics on technology and suggest the most trending and fascinating ideas. You will also learn about the most common mistakes when writing an essay about technology.

How to choose a topic on technology?

When you face the difficulty of choosing a topic, you have to consider the following factors: 

  • Choose that industry of technology and those areas that primarily interest you. Otherwise, you risk getting bored and writing a poor paper because it doesn’t pique your interest;
  • Try not to make your topic too broad or too superficial, or too narrow;
  • Scientists and IT specialists come up with something new that changes our lives almost every day. That’s why you should try to write your essay about the latest technologies and those that have already changed or will change our lives in the future. Your essay should have some value, and you can hardly say anything new and valuable in an article about the analysis of the impact of binary code on the world;
  • If you have ideas for essay topics, you should definitely validate them and see if you can find the information you need to back up your arguments and reasoning. It happens that a topic may seem very interesting and fascinating, but you don’t have enough resources or materials to cover it fully;
  • Try to sketch out a few ideas and develop them. Look for inspiration in TV series, news, mobile apps, and even the App Store. Ask yourself questions and try to find the answers, and write an essay about them. 

17 great tech topics for your essay

When you need to write an essay about technology, you don’t have a single idea in your head, and deadlines are tight, it’s time to take advantage of inspiring tips and topic templates. We’ve prepared 17 ideas for you to supplement and write great essays about technology. 

Essay Writing topics
  1. The whole world is in your pocket — How access to any information and apps 24/7 has changed people’s social lives;
  2. How Tinder has affected the development of relationships;
  3. How is access to any information making us stupider? The impact of the development of the Internet and modern technology on memory and cognitive processes;
  4. Social media, messengers, and email: How technology has displaced verbal communication and is turning us into introverts;
  5. One day without the Internet all over the world — a total collapse or digital detox?
  6. How technology and the Internet have made us addicted;
  7. Artificial intelligence and the total enslavement of humans — why are we still far from it;
  8. Accidents involving self-driving electric cars — an accident or the beginning of a robot uprising?
  9. Experiment and try to live one day without the benefits of modern technology. Give up at least your phone, smartwatch, Internet, PayPass, and smart devices in your home. Describe your experience and appreciate how much of an addict you are and how much technology affects your life. Try to spend the day as usual, following your regular routine, but without the help of technology;
  10. Professions of the future — assess which professions will soon disappear because of technological advances;
  11. Which area of our lives is most and least affected by technology. Why?
  12.  A 28-year-old woman was fertilized with an egg cell that was the same age as hers. How are genetic engineering and biotechnology changing the realities of reproduction?
  13. It’s enough to click one button or publish one post — a war in the age of hi-tech:
  14. The colonization of Mars — Could the plot of Total Recall become a reality?
  15. Real-time GPS tracking and bank card hacks — Does modern technology increase our security or make us more vulnerable? 
  16. Describe technologies and/or devices that are completely useless and only harm society;
  17. Cryptocurrencies: will they replace traditional payment methods?

Mistakes to avoid when writing about technologies 

Don’t blame technology

Technology is made by people for people. Tinder doesn’t bury romance. It reinforces and supports the behavior that’s already there. You should better study how and in what ways people interact with technology.

Don’t look for abnormalities

Don’t diagnose users based on the technology they choose. It’s not Facebook that makes people lonely and sad and it’s not Snapchat that makes them happy. Technology may be influencing people’s behavior, but people also bring their own flaws to it.

Don’t use the “we” pronoun

Be specific about who you mean, especially if you’re writing about yourself. Say what part of society you speak for, so you don’t impose an experience on the reader that they haven’t had.

Don’t scare people with technology

If technology seems creepy to you, that’s just your feeling. It’s interesting to start a story with, but there’s a lot more behind that feeling. Look deeper.

Understand what it is that scares you about technology. What do these fears say about your relationship to control, to automation, to the perception of yourself? Do you feel that you are being watched? Can you describe the problem more accurately — for example, is technology spying on you or taking away your work?

Don’t trust “top-secret” stories

Unique patented technology may be too tempting to be true. Don’t fall for tricks or people behind the scenes. Use only reliable sources. 

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