Days Gone 2 Release Date, Gameplay Trailer, How long to beat days gone? Will there be Days gone part 2?

Days Gone is one of the most-awaited PC game among zombie-survival gamers and worrying if there will be a sequel to the world action game, Days Gone 2. The first part was released back in the year 2019 and a second part is not yet confirmed. So, let’s find out all possible news updates related to the release date of Days gone part 2.

Days Gone 2 Release Date: When will Days Gone sequel comes out?

Days gone part 2 will not be released because enough gamers were not bought the original title at it’s full price and writer John Garvin also said that the game did not fulfill the expectations that gaming development company decided. Moreover, Days 2 was pitched but it is unlikely to happen in the near future because of poor response and lack of interest in audience.

However, this game has sold more copies than all of Bend Studio’s previous games combined together. The game is selling worldwide, best-selling physical game in the UK in first week of release.

Days Gone 2 release date

Is Days Gone Cancelled?

According to a Bloomberg report, it seems that Days Gone is cancelled and no new part will be launched for the action game. Also, Sony hasn’t confirmed a new part announcement officially.

How to save the launch of Days Gone 2?

You can sign the petition on to save the game from going to dustbin. The petition says ‘Get Sony Playstation to approve Days Gone 2 release date ‘. More than 150k users are already signed this and if you want to see the next version of this game, you may sign it too.

Gameplay Trailer

No new game is releasing so no trailer has been released. In case, if a new part will be announced then we can expect new villains to enter in the gameplay like Freaker. Moreover, new weapons will be placed to takedown those vicious cannibals.

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