9 Best URL Shorteners to Earn Money Online 2020 [Proof]

Earn Money online is now easy! How?, Did you know, You can make money online simply with the help of URL shorteners by shortening URLs.

Here’s the secret, No Personal blog or website required. Before we proceed just have a look what actually a URL shortener and for what purpose it is used for. If you listen to this term for the first time then you have to read about the info about best URL shortener so that you can start making an amount online.

Highest Paying URL Shorteners

What is URL shortener and how it is used?

This is nothing but an online app that shortens your complete URL into a little-condensed one. As the name suggests it makes the URL short limiting up to 10-20 characters.

The usage is simple, only you have to copy the normal long URL and paste it into the link shorteners website. After that, you can share the condensed form with your friends and relatives on any social media.

As soon as your link will spread, you will get the commission on each click for your link.

So what could be the best URL shortener that you would use now? We have collected a list of some best URL shorteners based on our experience.

#1 Adf.ly – Best URL shortener to make money online

earn money with adfly

It is the most popular and highest paying best URL shortener in India as well as throughout the world. After completing a minimum $5 you can request for withdrawal on PayPal and a minimum $20 for Payoneer. The withdrawn window is open on 10th of every month.

They also offer a 20% referral commission that makes sense. Means that you will get an extra 20% of your referral earning.

Join Adfly

Features of Adf.ly

  • Free registration
  • Minimum payout: $5
  • Plus 20% extra per referral
  • Payout by Paypal and Payoneer
  • Domain Authority: 93

#2 Clicksfly – Best URL Shortener earn Money India

highest paying url shortener for india

Clicksfly is Best Link Shrinker website for Indian users. The thing which makes it different from other link shorteners is the number of Payment methods it provides. The lowest payout amount supported by clicksfly is only $3.

The per click amount depends on the country CPC from where your links got clicked.

Join Clicksfly
  • Free Membership
  • High Cost per Click
  • 20% Referral Bonus
  • Minimum pay-out: $3
  • Domain Authority: 46
  • Payment Types: Paytm, UPI, Paypal, Payeer, Bank Transfer, Bitcoin

#3 Ouo.io – Best link shortener to earn money online

earn money with ouo.io

In our list, this is also considered as the best URL shortener to earn money online by which you can shorten the link and earn money. Probably this site pays on 15th of each month. The unique part of this site is, you can shorten its own link as many time as you want.

Join Ouo.io
  • Free sign up
  • Payment type: Paypal & Payza
  • Domain Authority: 79
  • Minimum payout: $5

#4 Shorte.st – Safe URL shortener to make money

short.st best url shortener

It is also one of the safe and highest paying URL shortener to earn money by which you can earn a handsome amount of money. When a user clicks on your website then they will be redirected to a link which shows an ad. After 5 seconds the user will be taken to the desired URL.

Join Shorte.st
  • Registration is free
  • Payment method: Paypal, Payoneer, and Webmoney
  • Minimum Redeem: $5
  • High earnings: $10.75 per 1000 views
  • 20% commission
  • Domain Authority: 59

#5 Gplinks – Highest Paying Link Shortener for India

earn money with gplinks

Gplinks is India based URL shortening company. One plus point of this service is, it gives $6 per 1000 Indian clicks. Which is even more than youtube. Presently when writing this article, No other company give that much cost per click. Currently, It is the best shortener to earn money online in India.

Click Here to join Gplinks
  • High income from India
  • 25% Referral Commission
  • $1 Payout
  • Payout Method: All Clicksfly + PhonePe
  • Instant Payout within 1-hour transfer
  • Whatsapp and Telegram Support

#6 Linkbucks – Best short link earning website

This is also the best URL shortener that allows to make money online from the links which user’s post from the links place on the website or from the posts you make in the forum.

You can easily earn $9 with your 1000 views and Minimum payout of PayPal or Payoneer is $10.

  • Register for free
  • Payment by Paypal or Payoneer
  • Referral Program: 20% commission
  • Earning Ratio $9/1000 views
  • Domain Authority: 85
Join LinkBucks

#7 Linkvertise

linkvertise url shorteners

Linkvertise is new in URL shortening service. Simply you can make a beautiful short link with link-vertise and spread it out to get some handsome amount. The final payment is based on CPM and the country from clicks are coming. Tier 1 and Tier 2 country CPM is high compared to other countries.

  • Payment Frequency: Daily
  • Commission per refer: 5%
  • Bonus: 200 €
  • Payment Methods: Paypal, Paysafe Card, Amazon Voucher, Wire Transfer
Join linkvertise

#8 Clk.sh – Highest Paying URL Shortener

highest paying url shortener

It is another highly trusted and highest paying URL Shortener for earning cash. Moreover, It offers an easy way to create cash quick by shortening links. Clk.sh offers you up to $20/1000 views with a base rate of $3.50. So, It offers the chance to get most from your traffic with its always increasing CPM rates.

  • 25% referral earning
  • $5 minimum payout
  • Up to $20 per 1000 views
  • Payments mode: Skrill, UPI, Paypal, Bank Transfer
Join Clk.sh

#9 LinkShrink – Highest paying URL shortener (Not for India)

This is one of the most trusted and highest paying URL shortener which provides high paying captcha work via shortening URL. Minimum Payment is also $5 here but the special part about this is, you will get up to $9 per 1000 views as compared to other link shorteners.

But organic clicks may vary because the paid amount will differ in different countries. Depending on that you will get your payment.


  • Sign up for free
  • Payment method: Paypal
  • Domain Authority: 55
  • Minimum payout: $5

The Last Lines:

Hope you are now able to find the best URL shortener for yourself. Probably you would use Adf.ly and shorte.st because of its oldest and most trustiness or Clk.sh that is highest paying URL shortener in India which pays up to $6 per 1000 views that is really great.

Let me know by your quick comments that which best URL shortener you gonna use to earn money online. Moreover, if you want to know more methods to earn online money just stay tuned with us.


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