15 Powerful Ways to earn Money Online From Home With zero Investment

Want to earn Money Online From Home Without Investment and get rich?


Make Money Online from home without investment

You can become a millionaire without investing a single penny in these type of online jobs.

Believe me, there are thousands of ways to make money online at home without moving an inch.

The only requirement is you and your determination to achieve financial freedom.

In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.

—Nikos Kazantzakis

15 Proven Ways to earn money online from Home without Investment

#1 Starting a Youtube Channel

Do you know how much money did Technical Guruji, Bhuvan Bam and other famous Youtubers are making? To gave an idea, they all are generating 7 figures income per month.

Now you can understand, how much potential is there in this video streaming platform and for your surprise, Youtube is the second largest search engine after Google.

There are thousands of clips uploaded every single day and you can become a part too. But make sure to follow some basic settings that you should apply before starting a new channel otherwise it takes more than usual to grow. So, plan before execution.

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”

—Benjamin Franklin

#2 Become an Affiliate Marketer

You can make money online at home by simply promoting other people products on your place like Facebook group, Instagram Page, Twitter handle, Quora, Reddit or any other social media platform.

But what’s yours in this promotion?

Now, here comes the actual work of affiliate marketing- Whenever, someone purchase from the link then you will got a commission.

For example, I want to become an affiliate of Amazon. So, I will go to their official site and signup for an affiliate. After registration, you can generate an affiliate link of any product and you will get commission on every sale made with your link.

Pro tip: You can promote products according to the interests of your audience so that it becomes very easy for them to purchase and you will get rich quickly.

#3 Selling on OLX or Quickr

Everyone wants to get rid of old and the outdated stuff that is not useful anymore for us but for someone it proves to be a golden nugget.

So, it is also one of the best ways to earn money online from home without investment that you are unaware of.

Believe it or not, your store room proves to be a gold digging mine but only a true gold-smith can identify the precious objects.

#4 Become a Freelance Copywriter

This is the best way to generate passive income by becoming a copywriter. You can also become full-time if you master the art of writing.

Companies are always finding the enthusiastic writers like you on Freelancer, Constant-content, Upwork, etc.

You will get paid according to your experience, like $2 for beginners to $100 as your experience reaches at its peak.

#5 Earn Money Fast by doing surveys

The only fastlane to earn money online from home without investment is by doing online surveys. Do you know, there are many companies out there looking for an active participation like you review their products and gave your honest opinion.

For that deal, they gave you some bucks for each and every review you submit on their site. But its no

#6 Starting a Blog

Where would you go, if your teacher has given you the assignment on The Cow. Probably, Wikipedia or any other knowledge forum. Broadly speaking, they are all called blogs which provides you the information fulfilling your intent.

If you gain expertise in any field then creating a website is the greatest oppurtunity for you. But it’s not that easy as it seems to be like “kaato gholo or lga lo”, it requires consistent efforts and lots of knowledge.

Starting a blog is not a big deal, but how you scale it to generate your revenue is the actual task. To gave a clue, you can increase your earnings by affiliate as mentioned above, primarily use google adsense or any ads network but Google ads are most reliable.

#7 Selling Images Online

You can make handsome amount of money by simply selling your images and you don’t need to worry as no professional photography skills are required.

But the picture quality should be good, and copyright free. If you capture images by yourself then they automatically become copyright free.

Some sites to sell stock photos online are Shutterstock, iStockphoto etc. If you want to save your personal photos privately then check out the Best photo sharing sites to save wedding photos.

#8 Email Marketing

This is one of the easiest and most effective way to earn money online without doing anything. But remember, easier the way steadier is the pension.

So, don’t quit if you are not able to see the results in 3-5 months doing email marketing or Blogging as they grow continuously and you will succeed only if you are having never give up attitude.

If you want to gain more clarity the have a look at our complete guide on Make money with email marketing to boost your income.

#9 Test other Websites

Another mind-blowing way to get banknotes is by testing other people sites. It’s like doing online survey, who gave chances to improve your finances.

The earnings vary from $10-$60 per test that will include your video and audio on testing, but don’t choose this as full time.

Nowadays, it becomes so popular and that’s why more competitive. More testers are there than opportunities that reduces the capital. If you want to become a tester then you can signup on UserTesting, UserFeel, Whatusersdo, etc.

#10 Start Stock Marketing

If you will ask from me that if there any way to get money without a job then my answer should be Stock marketing.

Although, it won’t make you billionaire overnight as it requires time and strategy as well that you can learn from popular investors like Warren Buffet.

First, you need to learn about Forex and online trading so that you can learn about the rules and risks that are involved in the industry. Then, you may start investing by adding a small amount in your trading account.

#11 Make money online from Social Media like Facebook, Twitter

If you are having a Facebook group, an Instagram page or a decent amount of followers on twitter then you can start earn money from home without doing anything.

You can promote your affiliate links among your interested audience and there you no need to worry about the number of users, you just need few interested peoples to buy from your affiliate link.

The chances of making a sale will be high with a large audience(minimum 10,000 members) but as we mentioned earlier, you no need a massive amount of following to get some bucks.

#12 Promoting your products

Self made products promotion is the best thing you can do to fill your account as well as establishing you as a brand.

Focus on creating a brand, that way you will reach to your goal faster than anyone else. Brands are promoted everywhere and also the greater advantage is that you can sell at whatever price you want if people stick to your service.

For example, Apple products are not affordable to common people and still people are purchasing and company is making money because of Sir Steve Jobs as a brand. Similarly, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Volkswagen, Ford like giant companies won’t gave an advertisement on television because they know the ones who can afford them can’t have the time to sit and watching TV.

#13 Start a Podcast

If you can speak in a manner that people gain some knowledge or entertaining then you can start creating a podcast.

This is not a question actually, you can do it too if you are having wisdom. Everybody is intelligent, nobody is foolish just they underestimate their inner strength.

Become a rebel and take a turn from the rat race. You can earn up to $100 by simply recording your audio. Do you know the famous podcasts like Entrepreneur on Fire, The Art Of Charm are generating thousands of dollars per month? There is so much potential in starting a podcast today.

#14 Become an Online Tutor

Nowadays, internet is reaching everywhere and people wants to consume the best possible knowledge they can. For that reason, they are searching for an online teacher who can clear their doubts and they are willing to pay the price for the quality education.

As we all know, some of our school pedagogue are teaching live on Zoom, Google Classroom App but a sweet mentor can help us a lot.

We can ask whatever we want that we declined in the school, college, university and learn new skills effectively.

#15 Make Money Online as a Translator

Don’t say google translates everything. We can’t say everything we type on Google translate, gives a correct result.

That’s why translators are in demand. According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Translators can earn an annual salary of $61,950.

However, earning may also depend on the language you know. Such as translation from English to Arabic or Danish will gave you 19 cents per word while interpreting Chinese to English will pay about $65.79 per hour and vice versa gave you $74.92 per hour an average.

But more money requires more efforts, like me not everybody wants to learn Chinese or Danish but if you are interested or having the knowledge about many languages then you can fit easily for the job.


As you see, there are multiple options to earn money online from home without investment so I am leaving up to you. Can you tell me which method you gonna use now to generate passive income for yourself by leaving a comment below?

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